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ICE agents Ambushed in Mexico


POSTED: Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 12:55pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 7:40am

MEXICO - Unknown gunmen killed a U.S. customs agent and wounded another as they drove from Mexico City to Monterrey.

Special agent Jaime Zapataa was killed when suspected drug gang members ambushed them on the road between Mexico City and Monterrey.

The wounded agent is identified as Victor Avila.

ICE public affairs did not say why the two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were driving to Monterrey.

Video shot at the scene showed a blue SUV with several large bullet holes guarded by heavily armed Mexican federal police at the side of the highway.

More than 15,000 deaths are blamed on drug violence in Mexico last year.

Attacks on Mexican police are common but attacks on U.S. government employees have been rare.

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Get real! Our full Federal Resources available or at the disposal of the Mexican Government. Haa!Haa! What a joke. Like they are really going to bring the real perpetrators to Justice. It's like handing the Fox keys to the hen house. Tough talk from Janet Napolitano with her speech at UTEP, almost darring the Cartel to do something. Well they did do something,they injured one and killed another of our Agents. Easier to talk tough behind a desk, harder to do when serving the front lines.Now what?

Well first of all, I appreciate the work our men & women our doing giving there lives to protect us? With that in mind, why in the HELL are we sending Official over there without protection? How about we send or Soldiers to Iraq and Iran in the midst of war with no tanks or guns? Better yet no nothing? And wish them good luck! Thats what we just did to those men or Agents that went to Mexico? If they need our help, they need to allow us to protect ourselves going and coming? Comon now!!!!

i hope something is done to see that full justive is served and nothing less! i believe its time for the the U.S. to act. we went thousands of miles to another country because we thought they were a threat to american security....i believe the next threat is just over the border!!!!!!

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