Hundreds Protest Immigration Law


POSTED: Saturday, April 24, 2010 - 7:02pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 12, 2014 - 3:04pm

EL PASO, TX - Hundreds of people marched downtown today to honor Cesar Chavez and protest the new Arizona law that some are calling the most strict immigration measure in generations.

The law is set to take effect in August and it will give law enforcement the authority to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally.

Some in El Paso say even though the law is in Arizona, it sets a dangerous precedent.

"Well it turns the clock back to the ancient times when the migrant worker, the migrant person,  didn't have the legal right that (everybody else) had, including our parents who came from Mexico," protester Fernie Permudez said.

Senator John Cornyn, who was in El Paso Friday to discuss border issues, worries that such a law advocates racial profiling.

"I worry that if people can be stopped because they fit a particular profile and they may be American citizens, that demonstrates that we failed to meet the first responsibiiity, which is protect our borders," Cornyn said.

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For those of you who would like facts about how undocumented immigrants effect our economy and the potential we have as a nation if we could have real immigration reform.


SB1070 version in Virginia: Check it out.

I would say that all of the protesters are illegal or their parents are illegal. If this contiuies we will soon be a 3rd world country. americans need to take care of americans first and then we can look at helping otheres. this in no way is raical profiling. 90% of law enforcement is latino customs, border patrol and local police. This is to keep our country safe. do you know how many illegals are in american prisons for all the crime they commit.

So you say that 90% of law enforcement is LATINO customs, border patrol and local police. I wounder how many of them are born us citizens from illegal parents or how their families came to be here. So now they turn around and say that illegals are criminals. Hypocrites!!!!

There is no reason that my next door neighbor should have a higher burden of proof when it comes to his status as a citizen simply because he is darker than me. Further, as a teacher it is not my job to care what nationality a student is in regard to servicing them, but if I do not ask, in Arizona I am a criminal? Also, doctors who treat undocumented people are also criminals? Maybe it is time for those who are so worried about "illegals" to start worrying about thier humanity. Melissa

If you get robbed by a short white man- why on earth will you send tall black men in the line up.

It aint racist- it called doing a job.. get over it!

This makes the point why we desperately need immigration enforcement. Coming to a state near you soon: Go to YouTube an search on "phoenix riot immigration uncensored". They have protected it because there was violence.

So anyone says this bill is racist, NOPE! It includes everyone illegal.

This makes the perfect point WHY we tough illegals enforcement. Riot in Phoenix after bill signing (uncensored.)

In case you think the illegals just "don't know" they are breaking our law, look at Mexico's Law on immigration:

STRICT IMMIGRATION IN YEARS: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN: ENFORCING THE LAW!! Finally. Illeagals do not have a Congressman. Illegals should not vote. how can a Senator or Congressman represent illegals? They do not have representation. Our representatives represent the U S CITIZENS. This is not hard to understand.

1.3 million people came legally into the US last year. What did they do these choose not to? Show me in Arizona's law 1070 where there is racial profiling? You can't. You are sheep led by people who are telling you catch phrases and working you up emotionally. You are ignorant for not reading the law before you go out hysterically like a herd of while boars. Where is your responsiblity to uphold the rule of law? By your actions you show you support illegal, criminal, lawless intruders.

So what you are saying is that Arizona can break federal laws as long as it goes with what you believe?

You are right, it is an emotionally charged issue, however though you may not believe it; some people are able to think critically about it too.

Lets talk rule of law... The constitution guarantees that people have certain rights. The Arizona law violates the fifth, sixth, and fourteenth amendments, so for sheep, it seems we are only watching for the wolves.

Arrogance! Complainers say they are innocent because they “had” to break the law, or came to work hard, & are really “law abiding contributors.” The hypocracy is deafening!llegals expect payday before they have earned it, and expect a cash advance on citizenship. So if someone wants to enforce the law, they are racist? You expose your own racisms for demanding illegas be treated differently ——— only this time, SPECIAL. COWARDS! You would force yourselves into America rather than fix Mexico.

Wow! That is a major generalization. I don't agree with you. It is a question of human rights. The constitution says "unalienable rights". Most of the founders of our country were not born here, that is why they stated "unalienable".
Our country was built by immigrants. Furthermore, probable cause for enforcing the law is skin color or prejudices. If you don't uphold the dignity of a person, I guess I can see your point of view, but I don't agree with it.

All politics are local.
See how kkkleberg and the rest of the "out of towner" transplant republican candidates do in November

Your use of the KKK and Republican in the same breath is hate speech. i could say the Nazi's (national socialist are the Democrats) but both of us would know it is wrong. name calling does not bring facts. THE TRUTH HAS NO FRIENDS. i bet you have a million- all idiots. (See?)

Illegals is just that illegal its breaking the law. If some one kills or is selling drugs, driving drunk all of this is illegal and everyone wants theese things taken care of. No other nation in the world gives people that are in their country illegaly money for food,a house or free medical so why do we. This is what is wrong with our country. So many American citizen need help and do not get it. Wile we loose our houses and take anywork we can to feed our children we still pay our taxes.ILLEGAL

Illegal is illegal period. If I am doing something illegal other than being in the country illegally such as traspassing I get in trouble. Traspassing into our country should be treated the same! I would be very interested to see how many people protesting were illegal.

I protested and I am as anglo as anglo gets, I protested because Americans do not have to wear badges to justify thier right to live and to live free.

It is time to put a stop to the flood of illegal aliens crossing our borders. This hysterical out cry over this new law is childish. Illegal is illegal, what is there to understand? I transit through the border check stations on an average of three times a week and I am asked what my citizenship. I have no problem with a person being in the United States legally and possibly desiring to become a citizen, but I resent people who enter illegally and eventually become a ward of this nation and

The 'childish hysterical outcry' that you point out has nothing to do with illegality, it has to do with racial profiling. The fact that a local law enforcement can stop me because my skin is darker than my neighbor's is outrages! This law targets a specific ethnic group. Do you know how many illegal immigrants are from Europe or Asia? But this law does not focus on them, it focuses on the Hispcanic population. So much for 'American Freedom'.

Police need what they always have needed to stop & ask questions: a reasonable suspicion. Suspicion is not sufficient for an arrest. Suspicion develops with a total picture of information, circumstances, & experience. Police need clarification, & must be able to articulate what caused them to think something wasn't right. Probably cause is evidence driven, & is a reasonable belief 1) an offense has occurred, & 2) the person did it. That is arrestable. Stop & question vs.arrest for cause.

Racial profiling, I do not think that is the case. How many Caucasians border patrol catch? I stated above each time I pass through a border patrol check station, I am asked my citizenship! Is that racial profiling or an attempt to control the flood of illegals. The politicians of the past to secure the hispanic vote has allowed our borders to remain porus. You ask, how many illegals alliens are from Europe and Asia and I say not near a fraction the amount coming from south of the border.

Isn't the illegals immigrants that are screwing us is our BOSSES that want to make more $, they want people that work more for less, is CAPITALISM! Everybody does it!
I know a LOT of Patriotic Americans that hire illegals, and they won't hire Americans, ask them, WHY? remember U.S. was built in the backs of all immigrants:Europeans,Mexicans etc. all over the world. All come courtesy of our free-market economy, which demands VERY CHEAP LABOR.

Arizona's law 1070 includes enforcement for the business and mandates the use of E-Verify.

Right on!!!!

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