Hundreds of men sport high heels for a cause

Hundreds of men sport high heels for a cause
Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 9:42pm

Upwards of 300 men paraded through the streets of El Paso Tuesday evening, in high heels. It was all part of the "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" event, aimed at raising awareness about domestic violence.

From red heels to black, even purple ones with jewels, men were turning heads with their tutus and pearls.

"We said we were going to bedazzle our shoes so I went and did it right," said one participant.

The men themselves were as varied as they're feet from constables and bikers, to a storm troopers and even wild meat, a.k.a., a man dressed in a deer costume.

Judge Brian Haggerty was the first to put the high heels on.

"We went shopping at Payless and they actually had a size that could fit my wide foot and they actually fit pretty nice," he said.

But in a matter of seconds hundreds of others followed suit, taking up heels and ditching their boots. But that's where the rhyme and the silliness ends, because this walk a packed a message that these men want you to understand.

This event is meant to get people talking about domestic violence and it's something that one in three women today will experience over the course of their life time.

"My sister was one of those one in three so i'm doing it for her. I want to represent for her," said Robert Garcia, a participant.

"I had an older daughter that was abused by someone she was involved with," added Haggerty.

The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event is held in cities across the country and it's easy to see why it's such a huge success. It's an event not just turning heads, but one sending a message to men across the country: domestic violence is something that should not be ignored.

"It is kind of silly and light hearted and its fun and you laugh with the shoes you see and it's not difficult to talk about any more," said one woman attending the event.

In this case, mission accomplished.

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