Hundreds March for Immigration Reform


POSTED: Saturday, April 10, 2010 - 8:17pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 16, 2010 - 6:55am

Stop deporting undocumented immigrants and start reforming failed immigration policy. Those were the messages behind an immigration reform rally in West El Paso Saturday afternoon. Kai Porter has the story.

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Immigrants are NOT invading, Hitler invaded.Nazis took over Europe by force and violence, they BROKE the laws. Immigrants, whether they are Mexicans, Central Americans, South Americans, Europeans, Africans, etc They see the U.S as a great country with opportunity. If you are a "U.S" citizen born and raised here, and have never been out of the USA, travel.. you might be surprised on how appealing the U.S is to other countries, especially third world ones. Now why do you think that is?

why don't you go back. I'd rather have them here in El Paso rather than more white republicans.

for you ignorant people immigrants are not invading. Without immigrants this country wouldn't be the "powerful" country that it is. Go find some history on the Bracero program during world war two or the immigration during the Mexican revolution. Get informed before you make offensive comments. And if it was really easy to get documents we wouldn't have undocumented people.

yes, thank you! immigrants come here and become the backbone of the economy by proving the majority of the workforce. they don't take jobs, they do the jobs most people don't want. they pay billions in taxes that they'll never see yet people make ignorant comments about them leeching off the system. undocumented citizens don't qualify for anything with no social security. next time do some research before opening your mouth on how immigrants are "ruining" the country. (not you JH15)

If you love America so much, become a naturalized citizen!!! If you're undocumented you should be sent back to your country. Get the proper documentation!!! What's so hard to understand??

if it were so easy, it would be done!!!! the urgency behind needing to survive is what makes people not want to wait tens of years to go through the legal system. what don't YOU understand?

"undocumented", that would be illegal, wouldn't it? As in against the law? Or perhaps, not respecting the laws of the country you're invading? Of course, one usually doesn't respect the laws of the country one is invading...

well, that's how this country was founded right, by invaders who now wanna call others illegal

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