Hundreds attend healthcare enrollment in Montana Vista


POSTED: Saturday, November 16, 2013 - 4:50pm

UPDATED: Sunday, November 17, 2013 - 2:30pm

It's been six weeks since enrollment began for Obamacare, and El Pasoans are still struggling to sign up. Local organizations are ready to assist and make the process easier for those who might need it.

This morning more than 200 Montana Vista residents attended an event to enroll in the new health care system and to learn about the process and benefits. El Paso residents still have several months to enroll before the new health care law is implemented.

"I would like to be informed to see what kind of benefits they have and see if my mom and my immediate family members can get betters plans that they have," El Paso resident Veronica Chavez said.

"They gave us documents of some agencies that will also help us for free and what we need to do to enroll," Montana Vista resident Ivonne Ramirez said.

According Project Vida's coordinator Arturo Robles the event was organized to inform the community about the requirements and the benefits available.

"It’s a relief there's a lot of misinformation out there so a lot of them think that they're going to get fined some people come up to me and say they're going to put me in jail if I don't do this so it’s just a matter of taking time and educate," Robles said.

Montana Vista resident Ivonne Ramirez says having health insurance will now actually save her a lot of money.

"It is hard because sometimes I've been to the emergency room for treatment and it's really expensive what you have to pay for their service," Ramirez added.

The estimated number of people without health insurance in El Paso reaches almost 250 thousand. Project Vida officials hope this number decreases after the law goes into effect.

"There are people around that will help them answer any questions and help them through this process," Robles concluded.

Statistics indicate that fewer than 50,000 people have been able to enroll nationwide and only a handful in El Paso. Project Amistad will continue assisting those who wish to enroll in the borderland.

For more information about the program you can call: (915) 532-3415 or visit

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