Hudspeth County Man Says “Worst Road in Texas” is Being Ignored


POSTED: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 1:44pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 6:22pm

For most of us, pot holes are a minor annoyance. But for Max Harmon Jr., they're driving him crazy.

“I tear up my vehicle every time I come out here. It's getting old," said Harmon.

He lives about 12 miles Northeast of Fabens, just across the Hudspeth County line. To get to his property, he has to drive down a deteriorating, crumbling road. It's full of cracks and crevasses that he has to dodge to avoid doing serious damage to his truck. Harmon says about 10 other families use the same road.

"I believe it is the worst road in Texas."

So Harmon started making some calls to find out why the road is falling apart. He wants to know who's job is it to maintain it and fill in all the potholes. He started with Hudspeth County.

"I've called the county commissioner and the county attorney and they told me it was the developer who was supposed to maintain it out here," said Harmon.

Not so – says the developer.

“We cannot fix a road that is not ours. It is ludicrous beyond belief to expect us to fix someone else's road,” said Jack Giacalone who owns Sunset Ranches. That's the company that sold Harmon his land.

Next, we called Hudspeth County Comissioner Jim Ed Miller to see if it is the county's job to fix the road.

"Hudspeth County never paved it and does not claim it as a county road,” said Comissioner Miller.

He admits it is a bit of a mystery and doesn't know who, if anyone, is responsible for fixing the road.

It's a frustrating situation for folks like Harmon, who every day have to drive down a neglected road that no one seems to want to fix.

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We used to live in Sunset Ranches and Jack Giacalone does own it. When it gets from good road which is the county to the bad road it becomes Jack's responsibility. Jack's people has maintained it every year when we were out there when they knew Jack was coming to inspect. And this is not the only bad road. At one time we were stranded on our property for two weeks due to washed out roads. Due to having elderly that the emergancy people could not get to we sold Jack back our land and moved.

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