How You Can Save Money on Gas

How You Can Save Money on Gas
Wednesday, March 28, 2012 - 5:23pm

EL PASO - It's no secret that gas is on the rise, but there are some secrets to save you some money.

Technicians at Rudolph Chevrolet say increasing your gas mileage is easy. It starts with basic maintenance.

"The most important thing you can do is keep your oil changed," Service Consultant Ed Gillette says.

Gillette says by following the manufacturers reccommended oil change procedures you'll instantly start saving on gas. You'll also want to replace your air and fuel filters as needed, but there are steps you can take to save money without ever stepping into a shop.

"By keeping your tires properly inflated you would increase your miles per gallon by 3.3 percent," Gillette said.

If you're already on the road, keep in mind how you drive.

"The basic thing is to slow down and do the speed limit. You'll save a lot of fuel doing 60 as opposed to 80," he said. "Jack rabbit starts; that's always bad, you know. When your getting ready to accelerate don't slam the peddle down and go full-bull."

Slower acceleration can save you money, and so can slower stops.

"Only stop fast when you really have to stop fast," Gillette said. "Usually coasting to a stop really helps you out."

You should also keep in mind what your carrying in your car while you drive.

"The drag on your vehicle really just completely decreases your fuel mileage," Gillette said.

A lot of these tips are pretty standard, but again the technicians say they can really save you money.

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