How trashy are El Paso's highways?

How trashy are El Paso's highways?
Monday, September 9, 2013 - 3:11pm

Driving into El Paso you might notice tires, banners, trash and maybe even a couch on the highways.
TXDOT said, they have crews out every week day and on call even on the weekends.
But does El Paso County have a highway trash problem?

You pass by them everyday. Cups, wrappers, banners and tires all litter our highways across the city and county of El Paso.

"Every once in a while I see chewed up tires on the road, but there's nothing to complain about nothing that really strikes me as really bad,"  said driver, Will Ashmore.

Sometimes, blown out tires and trash build up on the weekends.

"It could be many circumstances," said TXDOT spokesperson Blanca Del Valle.  "We can't say that it's more one county than the other. Those things happen. We do have a lot of traffic and those things happen".

During the week, crews are out all day Monday through Friday.  They're stationed several places throughout the district, in the east, west, Alpine, Dell City, but sometimes this isn't enough.

"When you see something, feel free to call. We'll take care of it," Del Valle said.

  TXDOT is responsible for cleaning and maintaining highways and state roads.

"We want to make our, keep our roads as safe as possible that's our number one priority. So please give us a call," said Del Valle.

To report trash on the highways, call (915)790-4200.

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