Houston Elementary to Close Due to Budget Cuts


POSTED: Tuesday, June 22, 2010 - 6:49pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 - 3:32pm

The El Paso Independent School DIstrict's board of trustees voted 5-0 to close down Houston Elementary in light of a budget shortfall. Last week voters shot down a proposed property tax hike which would have brought revenue to the district. But administrators now face a tough decision on what else they have to cut.

Administrators recommended the closing of Houston Elementary because of the low enrollment; the school has a capacity for 900 students and is barely meeting half that. At Tuesday's board meeting they said that closing down Houston would save $1.5 million and does not that the same potential enrollment growth as two other schools potentially on the chopping block: Zavala and Schuster elementary schools. They also said that there are already potential buyers for the school's property.

Other money-saving initiatives on the table include sharing nursing services at Zavala Elementary with a nearby clinic, as well as renting out classrooms at the campus. These measures could save over $90,000, according to administrators at the meeting. They added that closing all these schools would be too difficult because of the amount of staff that would need to be reassigned; however, a spokesperson on behalf of the district said those issues would be discussed at a later time.


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I can't believe that the people of El Paso voted no on this issue. The only thing I can say is what a bunch of IDIOTS. I live in California for now, and I have been following the issues very closely. And all I can say again you bunch of IDIOTS. You all can never see what is in store for the future. I feel sorry for all those hard working teachers and staff that will be losing there jobs. Thanks El Paso for putting those good hard working people on the unemployment lines.

Your the Idiot Zapper!! Nobody is loosing there job. The school didn't have enough students for the capacity. Do some investigation looser before you start typing.

California. First, the district has been talking about closing this school along with two more for years now. There are two other Elementary schools within 1.5 miles of this one. This school was about 35% its capacity in enIt is now that Garcia is closing it and using the VOTE as an excuse. He also stated tht the teachers will get reassigned to other schools. No teacher will lose his/her job. Garcia is also overpaid getting over $280,000/year. Stick to taking care of your own bankrupt state.

Paul Moreno Elementary School never should've been built. It was a waste of money. We have Houston and Crockett Elementary Schools in the area. After Paul Moreno opened both Houston and Crockett where left with whole floors of empty classrooms. Why then did we need Paul Moreno? Because EPISD is in the real estate collecting business. The more property it owns the more it can tax us. Cut your budget and learn to do with less like all families in the country are doing.Stop wasting our tax dollars.

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