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House Votes to Repeal Law That Allows Illegal Immigrants to Obtain Drivers License in New Mexico

House Votes to Repeal Law That  Allows Illegal Immigrants to Obtain Drivers License in New Mexico

POSTED: Thursday, February 9, 2012 - 7:57am

UPDATED: Monday, February 20, 2012 - 7:07pm

NEW MEXICO - House lawmakers in New Mexico voted to repeal a state law that allows illegal immigrants to obtain a drivers license.

The full 70 member house approved the repeal Wednesday by a vote of 45 to 25.

The repeal, which is backed by Republican Gov. Susana Martinez, will now go to the state Senate where a similar measure failed last year.

New Mexico and Washington are the only states that grant a drivers license to illegal immigrants and others without a social security number.

Utah issues a special permit allowing immigrants to drive.

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Speaking and writing English is a requirement to become a USA citizen. Obviously the illegal crowd writing into these comments will be easy to figure out

Next we will purge the voters rolls and demand actual birth certificates proving usa citizenship before being allowed to vote

Illegal aliens continue to break the law. They should not drive, they should not be employed by companies who should be employing American citizens. They need to go home or go to Californication sanctuary cities.


Lets get this bill passed and also follow Alabama, Indiana, Utah and Arizona immigration laws.

The Bible states "God said to the people (his)-do not mistreat "immigrants" for you were once immigrants yourself in the land of Egypt". What we call "illegal" immigrants does not make them any less "immigrant", therefore they deserve to be treated with respect. I bet if we didn't pay the CEO's of major corporations forty cents of every dollar the corporation makes in profit, we wouldn't have financial troubles.

The only respect illegals deserve is jail time and than deportation.

This is a comment comming from a person who is not of faith and uneducated given the remark just made.

We must gain control of immigration. States such as New Mexico are only hurting the situation. That is one of the reasons our property taxes are so high in El Paso. Come on people, wake up!!!!!

It sad that illegals in New Mexico and El Paso have more rights than legal citizens. There's roughly over 700,000 people in El Paso County. I bet at least 500,000 of them are illegal. I believe in mass deportation of all illegals and finishing Bush's wall along the border with electricity running though it.

i totally agree with you

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