Homeowner Defends Offensive Sign


POSTED: Monday, October 31, 2011 - 5:11pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 7:58am

NORTHEAST EL PASO- The woman who put out an offensive yard sign that is still on her property is speaking out on Monday night.

The Northeast El Paso woman is defending the sign that says no blacks are welcomed to trick-or-treat at her house Monday night.

We first brought you this story on Friday and spoke with people who say that kind of message doesn’t truly represent their community.

As a Mexican American, Marta Martinez says she respects all minorities except African Americans.

Neighbors have been complaining about the sign since last week, and as trick-or-treaters get ready to head out, Marta Martinez says she hopes the message on her sign is clear.

"I am hoping to keep away African American children and their parents who come trick or treating because I have had enough,” said Martinez.

As a Mexican American, Martinez says she hasn't always had such ill feelings towards African Americans.

"I have always been a multicultural person, and I have regarded everybody as human beings and with respect and equal, especially here in American. Unfortunately, I have had some problems with African Americans,” said Martinez.

Martinez says in years prior she was welcoming to African American children.

"Unfortunately because of their attitude being negative, abusive about authority, and even above god,” said Martinez.

Last week, African American neighbors told Newschannel Nine what they felt about the sign.

"It's just a major setback, and I’m young. I’m only 25-years-old and for me to have to go through this. It's something that I know my parents, and grandparents had to go through, and it's just something I wouldn't expect today,” said Crystal Thompson.

"It's like, these are just children. That is what the spirit is for, is for the children. Even if you don't want black kids around your children, you don't have to advertise it,” said Andre Sherman.

Neighbors will not only avoiding her house this Halloween. They say they will be avoiding her at all costs.

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suffering as a human being is tough.. everyone is so wrapped up in these collective identities that they tend to forget two things...we are all the same on an evolutionary level and we are all the same BEING...human is just the form we are in. if you cannot get past the skin color, the behavior patterns, the selfishness and wants of personal satisfaction; then what hope you we have as a race of human beings? stop with all this unconscious self righteous behavior and be a better human being

What Ms. Martinez did is a blatant expression of hate and racism. Whether she is mentally ill or not her actions are despicable! The fact that she carries a rifle around with her is an indication that she may resort to violence and hurt innocent people. As a community we should come together using wisdom and knowledge as a form of power to make a positive change rather than succumbing to a level of equal intolerance and ignorance. Unify as humans of commonality not as labels that add to hate.

OMG!!! Just goes to show, prejudice is still alive and well in America...

Ok...I read all the postings...most say > Check this lady's citizen papers---send her back to Mexico<<...Wow isn't this racist too? Why do people quickly see a mexican last name and pronto say MEXICO...she could be born here so than what?..This is why El Paso CAN NOT move forward cause everybody chooses SIDES either white or black...We can't go backward--wishing EP was all white..this is a freaking bordertown--just in case you noticed! The woman is mentally sick..now we now..so zip it now!!!

No offense Funnygirl, but you are upset that people assume that Ms. Martinez is of Mexican decent yet you openly profess the same assumption by proclaiming it to be a "Mexican last name." The problem with racism is the labels that are placed on us all as humans which serve as a methodology of categorization simply to establish a hierarchical order of superiority. It's not an issue of "wishing EP was all white" it's an issue of failing to recognize that we are ALL humans and deserve respect!

Estebanelpaso, I agree that she is mentally ill and obviously racist. She blatantly stereotyped African Americans and then exuded her racial beliefs by exercising the first amendment. It doesn't make it right but maybe it is partially due to her mental illness...what's your excuse? You claim that "most of El Paso is just as racist as she is" then conclude by saying "they (as if you are not associated with El Paso despite your ironical username) just don't put up signs." Clearly you are better.

Ok...I read all the postings...most say > Check this lady's citizen papers---send her back to Mexico<<...Wow isn't this racist too? Why do people quickly see a mexican last name and pronto say MEXICO...she could be born here so than what?..This is why El Paso CAN NOT move forward cause everybody chooses SIDES either white or black...We can't go backward--wishing EP was all white..this is a freaking bordertown--just in case you noticed! The woman is mentally sick..now we now..so zip it now!!!

elpaso is a different place to live in ,im from conn and its so so different living here ,the people are so different and just into themselfs .a sign like that should never ever have been posted, go back to where you came from hope you speak english most of you dont ,my best friend is black in conn .shame on you mexican lady

Teresatooker, all I have to say to you is that your comment is a paraphrased version of what Ms. Martinez posted in her yard against African Americans. The only difference is that you posted your sign on a blog, rather than in a yard, and directed it toward a different minority group. I laugh at the ignorant statement you made! Your obvious fear of "other" is the very foundation of racism and oppression. Shame on who??? Think about it!

by the looks of this lady, she looks somewhat looney!!! vieja loca!

family members stated Ms Martinez has mental problems but she appeared pretty sane to me. As a black man who has served this great country to protect her freedom of speech, her statement is freedom of speech.... unfortunately.

Dearest LA, I want to thank you on behalf of my friends and family for your service to our country and for fighting without reserve for our protection, freedom and rights. My only hope is that our future generation will better understand that in order to advocate against these atrocities it is first necessary to consider that we are all one in the same . . . human beings deserving mutual respect.

...this is why im moving to las cruces...the mexican invasion has begun in el paso...get out while you can...

Giggitygiggity, I hate to break it to you, but diversity is everywhere. Moving to Las Cruses is a fine example of history repeating itself. Maybe you have heard of it before...it's called "white-flight." Good job way to contribute to an already bad situation!

You don't really think that there are no Mexicans in Las Cruces, do you?

Wow, aren't we a little ignorant!? Guess what??? Mexicans are the most populated minority in the U.S. so good luck trying to get away from them. And by the way... you know what else you can find all over the U.S.... racism! Not just from Mexicans... it comes from whites, asians, african americans even other hispanics against each other! You are doing us all a favor and leaving El Paso.

News Channel 9 must inform the public that Marta Martinez is mentally ill. I am a family member and have myself been targeted by her. I know that she is severly sick mentally therefore I do not take her comments personally. I fear that others who are not aware of her mental condition will retaliate against her. I do no condone her behavior nor share her beliefs. I want the public to be aware that Martha is mentally unstable. I pray that God will send her help and the public will be forgiving.

Thank you for letting people know about your family member. News 9 may have had its hands tied without proof that she is ill espite the obvious. I will join you in praying for her and your family on this trying time. She needs to be left alone if no one steps up to help her.

I think it's safe to say that you, Estebanelpaso, do not speak for the people of El Paso. In fact, your reiterated statement is a clear indication that you share Ms. Martinez' negative feelings about African Americans. Don't pawn off your racism on the people of El Paso as your own personal scapegoat!

These are the times I am embarassed to live in this country with these kind of people. I would like to apologize on behalf of the ignorant fools that live in this house. They are the ones that should not be ALLOWED to c0-exist with the rest of us.

This is just ignorance and El Paso, especially, has never had this issue of prejudicism outright, even in the 60's! Has anyone even checked to see if this lady is even a legal citizen to be in the U.S.A???

People should be able to feel any way that feel but keep it to yourself. We don't want to know.

ElPasoan2...give me a break! You need to learn your history! Prejudice, racism, sexism, intolerance, discrimination, and stereotyping have existed here in El Paso and still does! It's not only in our town that it exists, it's everywhere. Your implicit remark about her being illegal is equally racist! Do you mean to say that because her last name is Martinez she must be illegal? I didn't realize that the Minuteman project had made its way to El Paso.

Leave the stupid woman alone. This is not a setback for anyone. She does not speak for most Mexican Americans that live in that neighborhood and has no power over anyone. She has every right to act stupidly in her own home. There are plenty of other homes that will open their doors to children of all races and colors and her actions should not interfere with the fun children will have on holloween.,

You would be surprised what an act of kindness toward your fellow man, in this case, neighbor will do to turn a negative into a positive. Last time I read the papers or listened to the news, people in general, not just one race were fouling things up all over the place, and that happens everywhere, that's life.

Why!!!!why is she a racist? why did she bring this attention to her family! I feel bad for her kids and family. Blacks are not all bad, they get treated unfarly at times because of the color of their skin, but blacks are great friends, Look at Legend Manute Bole and best friend Chris Mullin, to diffrent worlds, Chris saw something in Manute besides his skin color, I feel this lady should wake up and stop the hate in her heart, if she love God she have to love everyone. STOP the Hate.

This is one time I would fully support having a persons documentation checked. She certainly does not belong here in the United States.

Idiots like her do a lot of damage because of ignorance.

I hope that she does not have children that are in school. They will have to face a lot of bullying and harassment because of this lame brain.

To the African-American community I apologize for this rotten apple in our neighborhood.


You are discriminating just as much as she did by assuming that she is not here rightfully. We are all foreign born or descendants of foreign born unless you are Native American. The mere assumption that she is an undocumented alien resident demonstrates the stereotypical beliefs you maintain. Prejudice leads to racism. Racism leads to violence and so the cyclical pattern continues!

As an American of Hispanic descent, I was appalled by the action of Ms. Martinez. This sort of negativity illustrates how pervasive racism is, even in the 21st century. I was somewhat amused by the statement from Ms. Martinez where she stated she has always been a "multicultural person." This kind of statement implies that she is a non-racist. Perhaps she should join the faculty and staff at New Mexico State University, she would blend in perfectly.


I think this lady has it all wrong when she says that she has a problem with a whole race of people. What she most likely has is a problem with some persons who happen to be African American. In my experience there are people from all walks of life that at times rub people the wrong way and I hope that in this case it is this ladys turn to rub the rest of us the wrong way. If as she says she beleives in GOD then she should pray for guidance, strength, patience and forgiveness. God Bless everyone

Then you must not travel too often, maybe it's because I'm hispanic, and the majority of people here are hispanic, but I have never felt racism here. Yet I've lived in Dallas, Houston and San Diego, where there are plenty of Hispanics there too and have felt so much racism!!! Even got it from a police officer in Houston!

Yet she expects equal rights? When you're willing to start basing the way you treat someone on their race, you are saying it's OK for others to pass judgement on you in the same manner. No Mam, equal rights are for all citizens of the United States.

Someonesaid, I agree with your insightful response except I would like to add that equality should exist for human beings across the entire globe!

I have a daughter who is of mixed race.Her father's family lives in the Northeast.What is this woman's standing on mixed race?I am hispanic and my husband is black.My daughter is more towards my skin tone than her dads, but my daughter is still black.How does she know the difference.If the three of us as a family went to her house would she turn my daughter away? If her dad took her up or I took her up, would it make a difference?I can't believe we are still dealing with this now today!!

This is completely disturbing to me as a mother, as a human, and as a member of this community. It is really sad that in this day and time, that idiots like this are even aloud to advertise such ignorance and get away with it. Even worse, my husband, many of my friends, and more have fought wars and experienced horrific deaths among their friends for her to even feel have the right to say what she says!! Wake up JERK..AFRICAN AMERICANS are giving you the freedom to be such an idiot!!

As a native Texan and African-American I feel sorry for Ms Martinez. I realize there are bad people in every race on earth but to hate a whole race because of a few is a pity. Ms Martinez need medical help and she really need God.

It's not surprising to see ignorance still exists, not only social ignorance but spiritual ignorance. Regarding her comment on God, if Ms. Martinez knew what a relationship with God truly meant, she would certainly not pass judgment so easily and spread her net of hatred so widely.

How sad! How can anyone mark ANY child and say, "not you". It makes me want to cry to think that innocent little ones wanting to enjoy what should be a fun day, are subjected to this type of thought by someone. I can't fathom turning away any child, regardless of any reason, and to be based on color?!! May God soften this woman's heart and show her all are His children and He died for everyone. All we can do is pray for her heart to change.

People like this idiot woman don't deserve to be in this country and if she wants to sit there and act like that she needs to go live in Mexico!!!!! As an American citizen I am thankful for the diversity our country has and that we can all live in a harmonious way of life. This woman needs to realize that the world doesn't revolve around her house and her immature way of thinking!!!!!!!!

I understand your frustration but to conclude that we should send ignorant, racist people to go live in Mexico is implying that we are superior than our neighboring community. Are we not all humans? Do we not all deserve respect, equality and kindness? Harmonious lifestyles doesn't mean believing one to be better than the other. Basically what you're saying to our community is that you don't want her kind in our side of the land....sounds like what Ms. Martinez did! That's not a better message!!

Jesus commands us to love one another as He loves us (John 13:34). If God is impartial and loves us with impartiality, then we need to love others with that same high standard. Jesus teaches in Matthew 25 that whatever we do to the least of His brothers, we do to Him. If we treat a person with contempt, we are mistreating a person created in God’s image; we are hurting somebody whom God loves and for whom Jesus died.

God does not show partiality or favoritism (Deuteronomy 10:17; Acts 10:34; Romans 2:11; Ephesians 6:9), and neither should we. James 2:4 describes those who discriminate as “judges with evil thoughts.” Instead, we are to love our neighbors as ourselves (James 2:8). In the Old Testament, God divided humanity into two “racial” groups: Jews and Gentiles. God’s intent was for the Jews to be a kingdom of priests, ministering to the Gentile nations.

maybe it's the neighborhood where you live.

Candee your contribution to this problem is to add more labels, more dichotomies, more stereotyping, more prejudice. Great! So which neighborhood is free of the derisive labels, prejudice and discrimination??? I'm curious to learn about this.

Since I have moved to El Paso I have never heard so much racial slurs against blacks. They all have been Mexican-American or from Juarez. I am Mexican-American myself from Dallas. This person is placing herself above God. I hope she doesn't claim to be a Christian because Christians do not act like that. If she has had problems with blacks maybe she needs to look at herself in the mirror. I feel sorry for her for being such a bitter person. They say misery loves company.

that is just ignorance on her part, very wrong.

The NERVE of this woman.....Let's SEND her back to Mexico.
I am tired of the Mexican People ACTUALLY believing and behaving as they are BETTER than ALL others.


The Woman who put up this sign...LOOKS BLACK...
go figure.

I noticed KTSMTV...that YOU did not mention this Woman's Address...????

She can put up a racist sign...BUT WE don't get a chance to rip it down...

totally UNAMERICAN.....

Raven7711, you are ignorant and do not deserve a second thought! "looks black?" "send her back to mexico?" Where does your family descend from that makes you superior?

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