Homeless Veteran Buried


POSTED: Wednesday, June 23, 2010 - 9:24am

UPDATED: Thursday, June 24, 2010 - 8:35pm

Fort Bliss - Fort Bliss is making sure no soldier is forgotten.

Homeless veteran Robert Perry was laid to rest today.

He served with distinction in the military but afterward fell on hard times.

Perry died a month ago but no one claimed his body.

Today he received a fitting burial.

Perry is the 14th local homeless veteran buried by this community service program since 2003.

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It is a shame that a VETERAN had no home. This is what I mean about taking a stand, and taking care of our own instead of catering to illegal aliens and providing assistance to other countries. May your soul rest in peace and thank you for your service.

May his soul rest in peace now in heaven with God and His Son, Jesus Christ. He served with honor now I pray his honor with e greater in Heaven. Thanks for your service my comrade.

isnt it sad that the veteran got a proper burial but when alive he had to be homeless?we should take better care of all veterans,force them to get counseling after serving in war.Right now, its available to them but not mandated.I was told that when you are a soldier you are government property, if thats true then you can madate them.Alot of soldiers come back after war dont re-enlist & then go out(all messed up)to try to function in a world thats already messed up.Thats how they end up homeless

This city is worried too much about taking care of and giving free stuff to the illegal's in this town. Is is very sad that this veteran had to live like this, but now all his worries are over. It is sad that he fought for this country and all the legal citzens that were born here. God be with him!

God Rest His Soul

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