High Winds Push Through the Borderland

High Winds Push Through the Borderland

POSTED: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 11:41am

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 19, 2012 - 12:37pm

The windy weather came down on the Borderland on Wednesday. Blowing dust and making it virtually impossible to navigate through some parts of El Paso.

Wind speeds reached up to 45 mph, quickly lifting up dirt and flapping signs in the wind. Some residents don't mind, "It's El Paso, I love it," Terry Loge, a Central El Paso resident tells us.

He may love it, but others aren't so fond of the windy weather such as "Shaggy" who is homeless. "Shaggy" says he has been homeless for quite some time, he's out on the streets in all types of elements 24/7, "[I] Deal with it best that I can, I've been out here for 28 years. Ok, so I have to deal with it," he explains.

On Wednesday he has to deal with the National Weather Service's Forecast - high wind gusts exceeding 60 mph.

"A lot of people freeze out here. Yeah, a lot of homeless don't know how to take care of themselves," he says.

He may be homeless but he says he knows how to cope, "I eat, I drink, so I eat something so I can drink, so I survive."

The high wind advisory is temporary and now he's looking for something more permanent. "I'm heading to Houston right now trying to find me a full time job," he tells us.

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