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High water levels at Elephant Butte Lake stir excitement

High water levels at Elephant Butte Lake stir excitement

POSTED: Friday, February 28, 2014 - 9:04pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 1, 2014 - 11:16am

The last few years have been very dry in the region with ongoing drought conditions but a lot of people are excited with water levels at Elephant Butte Lake.

Last September's rains have really brought up the levels to more than 130,000 acre feet than at this same time a year ago.

"The deepest was about 85 feet," said Manny Pacheco from Las Cruces. Fish were about 40 to 60 feet.
Pacheco and his son spent the day celebrating his birthday doing some fishing.

However, the wind did pick up a bit and with the surface water temperature in the upper 40's the two weren't very successful.

"I had one bite and my son had one bite and that was the end of that," Pacheco said. "But it was a good relaxing four hours."

While at the lake father and son took notice of the higher water levels compared to last 2013

"You used to be able to drive out there and you can't do that anymore," said Aaron Pacheco.

Last Memorial Day there was a strip of land near the ramp and with the now higher levels it's completely gone.

Park officials said the higher levels are in large because of the September 2013 floods that have allowed the lake to reach a higher elevation of 15 feet compared to the same time last year.

With more water there's more room to roam at the lake and father and son expect to be back on the water more often.

"I had a fantastic day," Pacheco said. "What more could I ask for."

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