Hi-Res Images Reveal Bigger Leak

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 1:30pm

High resolution images show more oil leaking than originally thought...

Gulf Coast -- This isn't just our first look at new high resolution video of the leaking well. It's the first time the government team studying the flow rate has seen the crystal clear images.

Marine Scientist Dr. Ira Leifer said, “Well, what we've seen over these 6 weeks is absolutely no data, no scientist, no independent, and BP has made our life almost impossible.”

Dr. Leifer thinks BP may have made the situation worse.

Some estimates say as many as a hundred thousand barrels of oil could have been flowing when these pictures were taken before the containment cap was in place.

While the cap is collecting some oil, almost 15 thousand barrels a day…the amount of oil escaping may be much more.

Scientists say there is also now concrete proof of huge oil clouds beneath the surface.

NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco said, “The bottom line is, yes, there is oil in the water column. That's confirmed at the sites where we've done those analyses. It's in very low concentrations."

On the surface, oil continues to wash towards shore.

Orange Beach, Alabama Mayor Tony Kennon said, "We're the ones that have to deal with this for years to come. I don’t care what BP has to spend. BP has to make it right."

For many that is hard to imagine, when right now nothing seems right at all.

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