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Heat Stroke Can Strike Dogs, Too

Sunday, July 17, 2011 - 7:04pm

EL PASO - When it's so hot outside we usually protect ourselves with plenty of water and sunscreen, but what about man's best friend?

Here in the Borderland where temperatures reach triple digits, man's best friend may not adjust well to the heat. Not a lot of people realize this, but dogs can suffer from heat stroke too. That's why one local veterinarian is reminding people about what not to do.

"Let's say you leave your dog in a car for 45 minutes and it's only 84 degrees outside, 50 percent of those dogs are not going to survive. So, it gives you an idea of how serious this is. Temperatures in El Paso are going to get far above 84 degrees. So you simply don't leave your dog in a locked car. You don't over exercise them, and if they're out of shape, you really have to take that into consideration," Crystal Van Lom said.

Van Lom says, in her experience, dogs that are overweight and have flat faces are most vulnerable for heat stroke.

Lom says signs of heat stroke in pets includes diarrhea, heavy breathing and vomiting.

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