Heat and alcohol could be dangerous combo at weekend events


POSTED: Friday, May 24, 2013 - 8:14pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 24, 2013 - 8:27pm

With all the fun outdoor events going on this weekend in the heat, comes the opportunity to drink, as alcohol will be served at all of the venues holding events.

Preparations were well underway Friday for the Neon Desert Music Festival at San Jacinto Plaza. NewsChannel Nine spoke with the Executive Producer of the event who offered great tips on how to stay hydrated in the above average heat, while still having a good time.

"The El Paso Police Department and then our private security team will monitor who's been drinking, who's had too much. You know, just keeping an eye on the entire situation because Saturday it's gonna be hot. You're down here on asphalt, on cement, and you feel it getting hotter down here," said Executive Producer of Neon Desert Music Festival, Zach Paul.

Paul suggested staying hydrated is one way to make sure your concert experience is memorable and making sure you and your friends have a game plan to stay safe is also just as important.

El Paso Water Utilities will be at the event supplying water and people are encouraged to bring an empty water bottle to fill for free at the event.

Out of towners from Los Angeles offered up their own bits of advice for enjoying yourself in the heat.

“Always, always, always make sure that I take a cab. There's absolutely no sense in drunk driving or anything like that, that's ridiculous. So always take a cab and number two make sure I have extra hydration when I'm drinking. Add extra ice. It keeps you cool, keeps you hydrated and makes your drink taste great," said Tamra Cox, from Los Angeles.

Her husband had his own advice for concert-goers.

"I don't go anywhere, where theres alcohol involved without a driver or a hired driver. It's just not worth it," said Christopher Cox.

There will be cabs lined up at the festival entrance all day Saturday. Festival gates open at 3pm and close at 2am.

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