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Healthcare Boom

Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 6:50pm

Many unemployed are wondering - where are the jobs? There are more in El Paso than you may know.

"We're very strong in the jobs market," said Jose Manuel De La Rosa, the founding dean of the Paul L. Foster school of medicine. He's looking for highly qualified people to fill faculty positions.

"Bringing well-educated, highly trained individuals to become El Pasoans is crucial for the future of El Paso," De La Rosa said.

If projections are correct, the economic impact of this medical school is also crucial.

"$1.5 billion impact over next 2 years," De La Rosa said.

"The healthcare industry in El Paso is really about to emerge as the most powerful economic engine that our community has ever had," said Emma Schwartz, the president of the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation.

She says that with all of the manufacturing plants across the river in Juarez, it's not just doctors that are benefiting.

"Surgical techs, you need research techs, there's a whole supply chain of jobs that we need to maintain," Schwartz said.

De La Rosa agrees that the rippling effect will be seen across all areas of the economy.

"Each of these faculty meetings here, caterers then need to be hired, vendors need to provide equipment," he said. "You don't have to leave El Paso to make your mark on the world."


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