Headed to Super Bowl? Break the bank

Headed to Super Bowl?  Break the bank
Monday, January 21, 2013 - 7:34pm

CNN reports how much a Super Bowl ticket may set you back:



As head of data and analytics for SeatCrunch, a large part of my job involves sifting through piles of ticket data and identifying patterns or trends in pricing.

The price of Super Bowl tickets has been an obvious topic of particular interest this week.

Last week, there was a post made on the SeatCrunch blog with precisely this subject in mind. You might be shocked to learn just how much these tickets are going for.

Let's say you're a diehard fan and all you want to do is say you were sitting in the stands at the game. In order to sit in row 25 of the upper level behind the end zone, you'll have to shell out $2,130 per ticket. That's enough to buy season tickets for any NFL team.

If you prefer a top-notch view of the game, you can get a pair of lower-level seats near the 50-yard line for a total of $27,600, or you can get two in the luxurious "Loge" sections by center field for about $39,000. That's enough to buy a 2013 Mercedes E-Class.

Are you feeling especially lavish this year? Eager to spend as much money as possible? The Super Bowl can accommodate your needs as well. There is a 32-seat suite in the corner of the 400-level going for $420,000. If you take a closer look, this is really one of the better "deals" you'll find for this game. It's about $13,000 per person and includes full catering and two parking passes (which are normally at least $100).

As a point of comparison, the cheapest ticket option on Ticketmaster (through the NFL's ticket exchange) is $2,217 each, without their 'service' fees, and that's also at the top of the upper bowl (647). 

StubHub's least expensive ticket is $2,045 in the terrace end. The most expensive ticket is listed for nearly $316K.

How much are you willing to pay for a Super Bowl ticket?

These prices, no doubt, have to do with the Ravens vs. 49ers matchup we were so graciously given this year.

This game is set to be one of the greatest ever for reasons you've probably heard analyzed from top to bottom already today. For your sake, I'll include some key topics in a list, then move right along:


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