Haunted El Paso: A list of El Paso's top haunted spots

Haunted El Paso: A list of El Paso's top haunted spots
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POSTED: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 10:16am

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El Paso has a long and storied history, and some of the best stories involve the residents who have long passed from this life. We've compiled a list of some of El Paso's top haunted spots.

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1. Concordia Cemetery – 3700 E. Yandell Dr. – The Historic Cemetery is hands down, El Paso’s most haunted spot. The central El Paso cemetery has over 60,000 buried within it’s walls, including gunfighter John Wesley Hardin, Buffalo Soldiers, Texas Rangers, Civil War Veterans, early Mormon pioneers and was formerly the first burial site for Mexican Revolution President Victoriano Huerta. Many El Pasoans have reported seeing apparitions and strange appearances throughout the cemetery for years. It is even said that L&J Café, which sits just outside the cemetery gates also has its fair share of hauntings.


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2. El Paso High School – 800 E. Schuster Ave. – The beautiful school, designed by Trost and Trost is said to be one of El Paso’s most haunted places. There have been reports of tunnels running underneath the school out to the Field House, in these underground tunnels, it’s also said that there are classrooms that have long since been forgotten. Many rumors surround the usage of the basement classrooms and tunnels, ranging from stories of it being used as a morgue during WWII when bodies were sent back to the states, to a storage facility for bodies during the Flu Epidemic in the early 1900s. No representative of EPISD has ever been able to confirm these rumors. Ghosts are often seen wandering the halls, the stadium and the theater of the school. Events such as flying books, plants and other strange occurrences and have been well-documented in El Paso High School yearbook and other student publications.

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3. Monteleone’s Restaurant – 3023 Gateway West – Featured earlier this year on SyFy Channel’s Paranormal Witness.  "The bad things were going on the kitchen we had pans of lasagna flying off of tables. We''ve got just a whole lot of things but the worst thing to me was one evening I was closing up and it looked like a charred hand and forearm coming through the door. When I get to about where I'm at right how you could hear pounding on the door," Monteleone said. He also claims to have lost many patrons throughout the years due to the strange dining room occurances.

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4. Old Southwestern General Hospital – 1221 N. Cotton – Built in 1925 as a tuberculosis sanatorium, it has long been rumored to be home to multiple ghost sightings both inside the hallways and on the lawn, where patients used to sun themselves. Ghosts inside are said to make beds in the hospital’s abandoned fourth floor.

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5. Magoffin Home – 1120 Magoffin Ave. – Former El Paso Mayor Joseph Magoffin built this 19-room home in 1875. The home was passed down from generation to generation until the city of El Paso and the State of Texas purchased it in 1976. The home is still filled with original family furnishing and artwork. Legend has it that many of the Magoffin family members still walk its’ halls and rooms. Doors open and close on their own and lights will flicker without warning. The most well-known apparition, known as “Uncle Charlie,” is said to rock back and forth in the rocking chair he died in decades ago.

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6. Plaza Theatre - 125 Pioneer Plaza – The historic theater, which was renovated and reopened in 2006 through a partnership with the El Paso Community Foundation is said to be haunted by the ghost of a wealthy Spaniard’s wife, who owned a mansion on the site where the Plaza was eventually built. The man, enraged with jealousy is said to have strangled his wife and burned down the home after he realized what he’d done. Visitors to the Plaza Theatre have claimed to see a woman walking on a balcony that can only be reached by a ladder – which is not set up. She is often seen watering the plastic flowers that are used to decorate the balcony. Another spirit said to haunt the theater is of a patron who died of a massive heart attack, this ghost is said to roam the hallway, looking for a drink of water.

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7. Magic Landing Amusement Park – Far East El Paso County – In the Summer of 1985, Magic Landing employee, Frank Guzman Jr., 18, was killed in an accident after a patron asked Guzman to retrieve his baseball cap off of the rollercoaster track. Guzman climbed up the track, and within a few minutes the roller coaster sped by, severing Guzman’s arm. He died a few hours later. His ghost is said haunt the remnants park grounds, which closed in 1989.

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8. Toltec Building – 602 Magoffin – Sitting in the sliver of land where Magoffin and San Antonio Street meet, this El Paso landmark was built in 1902 as a social club with exclusive membership and even boasted one of El Paso’s early theaters. Many say ghosts of old El Paso residents wander the upper floors.

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