Hatch Valley Middle School gets a new weather lab

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POSTED: Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 10:19pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 16, 2013 - 6:44pm

NewsChannel 9’s Chief Meteorologist Chuck DeBroder along with myself, were invited to the debut of the Hatch Valley Middle School weather lab.

Thanks to a recent grant, students are now able to expand their knowledge when it comes to weather.

"I go home and tell my dad what I learned in weather,” said Brandon Villegas, 6th grade Hatch Valley Middle School student. “I want to sound smarter than my dad."

Villegas along with nearly 100 other 6th graders will now have the opportunity to further their education in science.

"We are ready to come to class because it’s fun in here,” said Maddison Williams, another 6th grade Hatch Valley student. “We've learned how clouds form and how powerful tornadoes are."

It's that kind of knowledge that meteorologists use every day.

The middle school invited us to help students understand the importance of the science behind weather.

Chuck DeBroder and I took time to answer their questions, after showcasing a video presentation

The presentation and question and answer session was all to enhance the new addition.

Hatch Valley Middle School expanded their 6th grade science classroom and turned it into a weather lab.

Students will be able to perform experiments that showcase some of Mother Nature’s phenomenon.

"Many of these students hadn't thought of weather before this and now it’s more hey this is really important everyday this is important,” said 6th grade science teacher, Christine Norris. “If you just read it in the book, sometimes they think it’s kind of boring and this really excites them. They will never forget what we are doing here in the weather labs."

The grant allowed the school to purchase new instruments they began using a few weeks ago.

Students say this weather lab is crucial, not only for educational purposes, but because weather impacts their everyday lives.

"For chile, when it's already full of water and when you over water it, that can kill the crop,” said Derek Garay, who was also a 6th grade student in Norris’ class. “So you need to know what the weather is."

Much like science projects, students are now able to perform several experiments throughout the school year.

Some said this new enlightment on weather has given them much to think about when it comes to their career goals.

"I want to be a veterinarians but now that I like weather, I want to be kind of what you do," Jessica Alanis, another 6th grader at Hatch Valley.

Norris said this is only the beginning to her small weather lab, and hopes to continue expanding on it. 

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