Halloween Plane Crash Scene Draws Hundreds Of On-Lookers


POSTED: Sunday, October 31, 2010 - 9:41pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 2, 2010 - 1:51pm

EL PASO - A home in West El Paso drew a crowd of the little ghosts and goblins after a plane full of skeletons crashed into their yard...

He didn't make it. A skeleton tried ejecting from his plane that crashed into a tree in the Kern area of West El Paso. Spiders quickly spun webs around the plane before the fire in the cockpit was even out. Crowds of on-lookers haunted the crash site quickly. It was an opportunity for them to take pictures and get some candy on the one night of the year where nothing is what it seems.

Okay, so the plane really didn't crash, but it took some planning to get it there.

"This year we actually planned a little more in advance because we had to get the plane, but usually it's something that just happens," Cindy Conroy said.

Neighbors say Conroy and her husband have been decorating their yard with different Halloween scenes for years now.

"Well it just shows the creativity that we have in this neighborhood, and I wish more people would do things like this here in the neighborhood," Mark Lopez said.

"Last year they had like a car and this year they have an airplane. It's pretty cool," Nora Lopez said.

From what we were told, trick or treating at the Conroy house has become a neighborhood tradition.

This is always real special and I think the children love it, the adults love it, it's wonderful," Brenda Rogers said.

Conroy says they decorate their yard to be different, and make Halloween even more exciting for the children, but she admits even the adults end up enjoying the night.

"They love it. They're always asking what are you going to do this year, and can we help? What can we bring? And usually what we'll do is we'll have a party at the same time and invite people over. We ask for a bag of candy because we get a lot of people," she said.

But like every news story there are two sides, and not everyone thinks the crash site is fun.

"It's scary," little Sean, who was dressed up like Spiderman said.

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good job!!!!!! it looks so awesome

They were a contributing factor to this being one of the best Halloweens of my life. People like this make me enjoy El Paso and where I live. Great work guys!

I think it's great. We also decorate for Halloween and my son has his pictures posted on The Sheboygan Press.com Photogallery in Wis. Guess it runs in the family. Tweedy (Cindy's sister)

keep up the good job. jls

Iv'e known the Conroy's for a long time and they are very creative in everything they do. Good job. jls

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