H1N1 hitting hard in Texas

H1N1 hitting hard in Texas
Monday, December 23, 2013 - 8:58pm

Texas is considered a "High Danger Area" this flu season, according to the Centers For Disease Control. So far, there are 6 deaths reported in Houston tied to H1N1.

Flu season is barely underway, and already doctors are busy.

"We have seen a lot of influenza type of illnesses," said Dr. Lucina Kidd.

Most of the cases she's seen are type "A' and H1N1 is in that type "A" category. The H1N1 strain has received a lot of attention since the 2009 flu season, when it was one of the most rampant types of influenza.

"It's categorized as an influenza 'A' and what we've seen the trends across the country so far, is that most of the influenza illnesses are a type 'A' and most of them are h1n1," Dr. Kidd said.

The 2013-2014 flu season is shaping up to be hit hard by H1N1. Southern states like Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are already seeing many cases and some deaths.

"The most important thing really to prevent that illness is really to get vaccinated," she said.

Doctors say:
Cover your mouth
Wash your hands
Get your shot
Stay home if you're sick, except to get checked out.

"If you come down with the symptoms, it's good to get evaluated right away so that if we catch you within the first two days of your illness, we can treat you with an anti viral medicine," Dr. Kidd said.

That anti viral medicine can shorten how long you're sick. How do you know if you have the flu? Fever, severe body aches, a sore throat, an unproductive or dry cough and possibly an upset stomach.

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