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Gun owners react to proposed stricter laws

Gun owners react to proposed stricter laws

POSTED: Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 10:13pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 21, 2013 - 10:37am

President Obama called for stricter gun laws, and gun owners everywhere are reacting on this gun appreciation day.

People in all professions, of all ages were in Austin today to take a united stand against any idea to restrict the second amendment right to bear arms.
With the Obama administration talking universal background checks for gun owners, banning assault weapons and limiting high capacity magazines, a crowd of proud Texas gun holders exercised their First Amendment rights.
The gun debate is hitting a high point five weeks after a gunman killed 20 children, and 6 teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

"It was important to show that it's not just a handful of nut jobs that are interested in preserving their rights of gun ownership," said David Morris, a Dallas gun owner.

"Teachers should protect their students. that it's not right for them to say that it's not right to protect your students. we are here to educate the minds, why can't we save the minds," said Melissa Stokes, a Fort Hood teacher.

At least one Texas lawmaker in the house has filed a bill that would make enforcement of any federal gun restriction in Texas illegal. And others have authored legislation that will give licensed individuals the right to carry concealed handguns on campuses.

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Nobody is trying to take our gun right away from us.the only thing they are trying to do is is make them safer.Nobody is saying we can't have gun. the problem is having guns that can shoot hundreds of bullets or clips that hold bullets over 15. Any responsible gun owner knows for protection that is not needed. In a war I can understand that they are needed, but not in every day live. If you don't shoot the perpetrator with the first bullet your chance goes away anyway.

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