Group Sues Over Census Numbers


POSTED: Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 5:22pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 10:03am

TEXAS - One group says Hispanics have been grossly undercounted in the U.S. Census and they're suing the state of Texas over it.

The Mexican American Legislative Caucus says people living in colonias along the border weren't counted. Because of that, they say the current numbers are flawed and under-represent Latinos.

A UTEP professor says the bigger claim in the lawsuit is that Texas could miss out on funding and even representation.

"There's the political consideration as well, which has to do more with representation," said political science professor Gregory Rocha.

Right now census numbers show Hispanics make up 16% of the nation's population. El Paso is 84% Hispanic.

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Well said! Cute story: My son was in kindergarten and he was in 'love' with a little girl in his class. Every day I'd hear him talk about how she was so pretty and smart. I went to pick him up one day and he tells me 'this is Sable'. After we left, I stated, I didn't know Sable was black. He said, 'she's not black, she's dark brown!!" Out of the mouths of babes. Maybe we ALL need to see each other thru the eyes of children! A census keeps us SEGREGATED! We should all put down that we are HUMAN!!

El Paso may so be 80 percent Hispanic, but the majority did not respond to the Census when they were mailed in, so how can the government be responsible for that?

Cry Babies. It was a national census. Sue the US Government. So you want to gerrymander districts to up your voting power. Most of those not counted are probably illegal anyway. I object to the use of the words The Mexican American Legislative Caucus. This sort of labeling causes more racial tension than anything else. Are you afraid to be just an American Legislative Caucus? Stop being Mexican American--be just American. Same for all groups differentiating themselves--be American.

Thank you Fed up, couldn't have said it better!

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