Greek Restaurant Opens in West El Paso


POSTED: Sunday, April 17, 2011 - 5:45pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 16, 2011 - 8:18pm

EL PASO - If you're craving Greek food, and you're in West El Paso, you're in luck.

A new Greek restaurant has recently opened up. The owner of Zino's Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine, said his place his definitely worth visiting.

"We're excited. A lot of success. The people, they like the food because it's more healthy. And this kind of restaurant looks like fast food, but it's really high quality cuisine." said Zino Souikni.

Zino's Greek & Mediterranean Cuisine is on the 7000 block of Mesa.

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I have been at ZINO'S restaurant and the food is excellent. I like the fact that they cook with olive oil and they use only fresh vegetables. The food is done at your request and is not previously cooked like is some restaurants.
I really recommend to everyone to visit ZINO'S GREEK AND MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE located at 7000 block of Mesa and Resler
Phone number 915-584-8166 if you need to make reservations. BUENA SUERTE CHEF SOUIKNI

Remember when you order a gyros the "g" is pronounced like a "y". Show the Greeks how sophisticated you are, lol.

Better get to it now before they have to close because if it ain't mexican or fast food it rarely survives in el paso.

Will be there to try some giro's ASAP

that's a dumb thing to say - so totally not true - just a couple of examples, out of hundreds - Dane's Steak House, Billy Crews, (Cattlemans, altho that's a LONG ride), Crave, Magic Pan, Ardovino's Desert Crossing, - I relocated here from CT almost a year ago and have yet to go to a Mexican restaurant here in El Paso (obviously have made a couple of trips to Mesilla which included a visit to La Posta)

show sum more of dee resturant PLZZ!

What kind of report is that. On your broadcast, you didn't tell where the restaurant is. Also, I can't find their phone number anywhere. do you think you could post that here online so people can find it, or did you not ask.

Just about a week ago I switched from channel 6 to 9 for my morning news. Thought I would give you guys a try. I have to tell you that the traffic lady is terrible. She rattles on with no intonation or pauses like a 2nd grader. It's very irritating to listen to her.

what does one have to do to get free advertising as if it were news with your station?

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