POSTED: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - 10:15am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:24pm

A street in Washington where cars roll uphill...

There’s a book called 'Weird Washington' that outlines strange locations you can visit in the state.

According to the book there’s a place outside of the town of Prosser called 'Gravity Hill' where cars roll uphill while in neutral.

My journey begins at the bookstore where i need to find the book weird Washington to get information on ‘Gravity Hill.’

According to the weird Washington book I should be able to just put my car into neutral and roll up this hill, so we're going to give it a try here.

Apparently the car is going to make it up that hill at the end without me pushing the accelerator.

The car starts gaining speed on what appears to be a flat road.

As I approached the hill I thought there was absolutely no way I was going to have enough steam to make it to the top.

A few seconds later, my car creeps over the top of the hill barely moving.

It works!

The book gives many different explanations for this gravity-defying slope.

One says the magnetic pull is greater in this area because of excess iron deposits in the surrounding hills.

Another is that ghosts live in the area and push the cars uphill.

No run-ins with ghosts on this trip, but I was still left in shock.

There is no actual address for Gravity Hill, but it's about seven miles north of the town of Prosser.

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