Grand Jury to Decide Northeast Shooting Case


POSTED: Thursday, May 6, 2010 - 11:57am

UPDATED: Monday, May 10, 2010 - 1:25pm

El Paso - A grand jury will decide what, if any charges will be filed in a Northeast El Paso shooting.

Early Wednesday morning, an intruder broke into a home at 8024 Tonto, got into a fight with someone at the home, was shot and killed.

Crime scene tape still surrounds the home and two police officers are stationed there, one in front, the other in back.

A family of four lives in the home.

No names are being released in connection with the shooting.

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Clearly this homeowner was protecting his property and family. The scumbag that broke in should not be treated as the victim. If this homeowner gets prison time for this action, the DA should be ashamed. Whatever happened to the law in TEXAS that stated you should drag the scumbag inside if they are shot on your property, or did they wipe that one off of the books.

Sure, it's justifiable homicide if the homeowner and his family were in immediate danger, but what if the homeowner had already subdued the intruder AND THEN decided to execute him out of sheer anger? That's murder! Or what if the intruder was actually the wife's lover? Or if the homeowner owed the intruder money and had invited him in? You'd have to be blind not to see why they would need to investigate this shooting inside and out before saying case closed.

Chuck W. I sincerely hope that you are not implying that the homeowners are in any way responsible for the intruder in their home. This is a real family that you are talking about, not actors on a crime scene drama. To victimize them again by making such suggestions is disgusting.

Look people after any incident there has to be an investigation,it is routine and they are just doing there jobs. All questions have to be answered so let our public defenders do their jobs without all this harrament and finger pointing. Just leaving their homes to go to work is a dangerous proposition in this area. Think before you talk it does the world some good to use your reasoning abilities.

This is an open-and-shut case. Either way, I really do hope that this sends a clear message not to mess with that neighborhood.

i heard that the intruder raided the fridge upon entry. he didnt attempt to bodily harm anybody, if so he would have attempted it upon entry. to be hungry should not be a crime.

If he was hungry he should have opened his own refrigerator. Breaking into a home is a crime. Robbing the family is a crime. Assaulting the homeowner is a crime. He made a series of bad decisions and paid a high price for them.

Who is this moron DA? What part of the puzzle did he not understand? I personally don't like guns, but would take matters into my own hands to protect my loved ones, I am not going to wait around and see if he was planning to kill me and my family. What would this DA do if this burglar had entered his home? Would he just wait around and see what the burglar had planned, offered him a beer? Shame on you! The family doesn't need more turmoil.

This is so ridiculous, how can they even think to put the homeowner through more grief? There was an intruder in his home...don't break in and you won't get shot. Simple as that. And to say that the homeowner could now face a lawsuit from the family of the intruder? Give me a freaking break! Whichever lawyer takes up their case to sue the homeowner should have his license revoked.

El Paso's DA is such a joke. This is so small town assbackwards.

Tommy,I think it was a swingers party,gone bad.

What a tragedy. Is there no one in the DA's office with any sense at all? To drag this out for weeks, causing the family to fear the possibility of losing a family member to the justice system, after all that they have been through, is criminal. The law is cut and dry. What is there to decide?

Billy, you don't need no stinkin' permit to have gun at home or in your car. All you need is to be a law abiding citizen. If you want to walk around with it you have to keep it concealed and have a CHL.

Investigation? for what? guess they have nothing else to do and needed something to earn their pay checks in the court rooms.

So not only are you gonna drag this threw the mud and impose grief and emotional distress on a family that was a victim of a attempted robbery inside his own home and its obvious the man tried to subdue him first without lethal force but was attacked and did what he had to do in self defense. What load of bull the DA is gonna be doing with this case.

I just hope the grand jury has more common sense and less of a liberal agenda than the geniuses on the city council and the court of comissioners.

there is only one verdict in this case: "NOT GUILTY"

Thank God we live in Texas! Oh wait - is El Paso still part of Texas? If so this is so cut & dry.

WHO IS THIS idiot DA ?


what is there to decide?

I don't understand why we are using tax dollars, taking people out of their daily routine, and ignoring what happened. If someone broke into my house, he is violating my property and putting my family at risk, of course I am going to shoot first and then find out what he wanted. I have 6 rifles and 4 handguns in my house and I am not scared to use them to defend my family. I have hand Conceled Locense for over 7 years. This is all a waste of time Leave the guy alone and let him live his life

El Paso Conservative trying to make everything a political issue--moron! It's a very simple thing. Someone breaks into your home fights with the home owners gets shot and dies-- self- defense! So what's the problem? Orion

Sounds to me like we need another DA if he can't figure this out as justified.

Our DA just wants some publicity to brighten his name. Well every village needs one looks like we found ours.

Could the reason you're not hearing more details be that it was an illegal immigrant that broke in and the local politicians are covering it up?

Well, if it was a cow with Mad Cow disease, we would already know every detail, but since we aren't hearing anything, I'm betting it was either 1) and illegal looking for a better life, 2) the kid of a politician, or 3) a county commissioner.

you and I are probably the only 2 in the city

This grand jury better vote for "not guilty" for these people. They only were defanding their well being. Every body should have a gun ready to go in their own home (of course they need a permit).

I stand corrected. I thought you had to have a permit to have the guns at home also, I knew about concealed weapon. Thank you for telling me.

Actually they don't. You only have to have a permit to carry concealed.

No one needs, or should need, a permit to have a gun in his or her home to protect their family and property, and in fact, the state of TX will not register guns, even if you ask. I know, I tried. The only time a permit is needed is to carry concealed, and I would no more walk out my front door without being armed than I would go out without clothes. Those who say we live in a safe city and that the violence next door does not affect us have their heads in the sand.

Really??? It seems pretty cut and dry to me; break into home, endanger occupants, put yourself at risk for doing the ultimate price for your stupidity.


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