Governor Martinez speaks at Republican National Convention


POSTED: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 9:41pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 30, 2012 - 4:13pm

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez took the stage during prime time at the Republican National Convention cementing her future as a political heavy weight.

The former Dona Ana County district attorney was selected to speak in hopes of drawing in latino voters.

"I never imagined a little girl from a border town could be mayor, but this is America y en America todo es possible," Martinez said.

The statement drew cheers from the crowd in Tampa.

The first-ever woman governor spoke about living paycheck to paycheck and helping her parents security guard business grow.

At 18 she worked as a church parking guard.

"I carried a Smith and Wesson .357 magnum," Martinez said.

Friend and colleague District Attorney Amy Orlando said Martinez's success story is proof of what can be accomplished through hard work.

"She has paved the way for kids especially young girls to know that anything they want to achieve they can achieve," Orlando said.

Orlando was appointed district attorney by Martinez when she became governor.

During the convention Martinez spoke about prosecuting gut-wrenching child abuse cases.

"Standing up for those kids, being their voice for justice was the honor of a lifetime," Martinez said.

Martinez touched on the economy and how New Mexico was able to turn a deficit into a surplus taking a jab at the current administration.

"That's not the kind of leadership we are seeing from President Obama," Martinez said.

The governor spoke about working together and fixing issues like the economy.

For Orlando she couldn't be prouder of her mentor taking the national stage and representing New Mexico.

"When she won the governorship I thought New Mexico gets to have her not just Dona Ana County and now the United States is going to meet her," Orlando said.

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Sussana Martinez bragged about going from democrat to republican and turning the New Mexico economy around under her leadership. She conviently forgot to add a few details that under her leadership someone cooked the books on the budget. search: New Mexico Scandal Cancels Bond Sales as Cities Borrow Elsewhere - August 21, 2012" Maybe to be a good republican you need to ba able to lie to the country in prime time.
The per capita income in New Mexico was $33,368 in 2010, one of the lowest.

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