Governor Martinez announces economic expansion in Southern New Mexico

Governor Martinez announces economic expansion in Southern New Mexico
Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 6:01pm

LAS CRUCES- New Mexico's Governor and the Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela announced in Las Cruces that an Albuquerque based company will be expanding into Southern New Mexico.

Heritage Home Healthcare & Hospice chose Las Cruces for it's regional headquarters. Amanda Avalos, a Client Supervisor said more than 100 jobs over the next 33 months will be added to the local economy.

"We will have the home health care aspect which will be taking care of clients and their homes even cooking for them, but eventually we will be bringing also nursing, which we will also be going into their homes and taking care of the clients who have injuries."

The message from Gov. Martinez that Southern New Mexico's economy will be heading in a positive direction was reinforced by a bill she signed. Legislation, by her pen will put Spaceport America back into the forefront of commercial space flight.

"Last year we tried to pass this bill, it got tied up in Committee and did not go through . This year we are signing it and making sure that there is no lawsuit abuse taking place in New Mexico when it comes to Spaceport America."

The bill is called the Informed Consent Act and it will protect spaceflight operators, spaceflight manufacturers and suppliers from lawsuits for any flight accidents.

Governor Martinez said, "It will help us get the tenants that are necessary to make Spaceport America very successful along with Virgin Galactic."

Spaceport America has already created more than 1,100 construction jobs in New Mexico and now the future has been cleared for more opportunities to grow and further develop spaceflight in the region.

New Mexico Spaceport Authority (NMSA) Chairman Rick Holdridge said,

"Unless people are willing to come out here to the Spaceport, there are no jobs to be had. Now that we are competitive with the rest of the country, we are having people knock on our doors at Spaceport asking and wanting to know what we have and how can it work for their company."

Spaceport America is already generating revenue from it's main terminal lease signed with Virgin Galactic in 2008. There have been 18 vertical launches to date.

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