Gov. Perry Warns 100,000 Teachers Could be Fired Statewide Due to Budget Woes in State

Gov. Perry Warns 100,000 Teachers Could be Fired Statewide Due to Budget Woes in State

POSTED: Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 3:29pm

UPDATED: Monday, May 21, 2012 - 8:52am

AUSTIN— Governor Rick Perry blamed government spending and legislation as causes that bankrupt states, causing Texas districts to consider laying off teachers statewide.

An estimated 100,000 teachers could be fired statewide.

The state provides 37 percent of funding for public schools, with the rest of the funding coming from local property taxes.

Perry suggested for school districts to look into the growth in their administration to trim their budgets.

“Over the course of the last decade, we have seen an extraordinary amount of non-class room employees added to school roles,” said Gov. Perry. “So, are the administrators in the school boards going to make an effort to reduce those? Or are they going to make a decision to reduce the number of teachers in the classroom? I certainly know what I would want. I think the non-teaching group would be the first place that I would look if there were reductions to be made."

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We have to get rid of Rick Perry. NOW!

education is the last thing that should be cut...why dont they let the districts charge tuition for those that live in Juarez

Are you serious? Illegals paying tuition when they can get it free now?

I think that the ilegal immigrants taxes issue is a great point. I think that if we can't charge them taxes because they cross our borders for education but leave in Mexico to avoid taxes. I think that as a minimum they should be charge a few equal to the taxes that we pay for that respective school district. Fair??? I think so!!

Welcome to the world of giving free education to the children of undocumented illegal immigrants.

The annual cost of keeping children of a person who does not pay any taxes back into the system isn't cheap. We provide food, materials, teachers time, and campus for them.

Realize it or not taxes is what provides state and goverment funding. So if they aren't paying then taxes thats money lost.

Something to think about.

Yep. Get rid of a couple of million illegals and we can save quite a bit of tax money. We need to down size the teacher community. They are too powerful and take too much of our tax money. And they don't even do a good job with the children they teach.

I don't know where you live, but the teachers I know and who were my colleagues before I retired were very hard-working and dedicated. They taught and still do teach from the heart and are exceptional professionals. They go above and beyond their curriculum requirements to be sure that their students learn and succeed. As far as powerful, I am not sure about that. Perhaps the ones who belong to unions are powerful, but there aren't too many union members in East Texas. Janet

Undocumented illegal immigrants pay taxes. They get taxes deducted from their paychecks under fake SS numbers. These taxes are welcomed into the US treasury and most likely they will never be able to claim SS benefits since their SS number is phony. Undocumented immigrants also pay sales tax, property tax, etc. They also do the kind of jobs some wouldn't touch with a 10 feet pole for a very low wage. Yeah, blame them if you want, just get your facts straight first... :)

Get my facts straight? So your saying its okay for them to come here and steal your identity which in turn will cause problems with you and your taxes.

So now IRS says you have two incomes coming from two different states and now you have to pay a lawyer to get it straightened out. I hope it happens to you so you know the damages this can do to you.

Sales tax? State Tax? Yah obviously your retarded and never heard of manifestos.

Illegal aliens steal identitys and pay taxes that should not be deducted because they are illegal. The social security that they pay into will never materialize because the government is using it to pay welfare, education and free healthcare for illegals. So while they are here illegally they have been paid twice over. Illegals file income tax returns with stolen SSNs and get earned income credit. So even if they do not pay income tax they still get legal taxpayers money. Want anymore facts?

It's the not the illegal immigrants that are the problem! It's the tax cuts to the very rich and to corporations that are causing these budgetary problems.
If the rich would pay their fair share, these problems wouldn't exist. If you're really wealthy and making over $250K per year, you should be very happy with your tax breaks. The rest of us have to become politically active. These are very mean times!

Tax cuts? Fair Share? Let's compare. I earn, operative word, EARN, over $250K a year. I pay 44% (includes Minimum Alternative Tax) plus property tax, sales tax. Added up 68% of my income. What do you pay? You probably get earned income as well. Please. When was the last time you worked for a poor man? Please, get out of my pocket robin hood.

Thanks a lot to the idiots that voted for that idiot.

Please don't demean your president.

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