Google Art Project Showcases Over 150 Collections

Google Art Project Showcases Over 150 Collections
Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 5:58pm

With so many schools cutting back on art and music instruction, there’s finally some good news. Google dramatically expanded a website they call "The Google Art Project". Think "Google Maps" meets the art world. It's a place where you can easily spend hours just wandering around great galleries. The site covers 150 collections in 40 countries, from the acropolis in Greece to street graffiti in Brazil. Thirty thousand objects or paintings were shot in high resolution for the virtual gallery.

Despite how big the Google Art Project is now, there are limits. This whole gallery is on the virtual tour, but right around the corner a room full of Picassos you won't see online. Museums hope putting parts of their collection online spurs more people to visit.

The Google Art Project can be found at

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