Giving birth part of family holiday tradition

Giving birth part of family holiday tradition
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POSTED: Friday, November 29, 2013 - 9:42pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 29, 2013 - 9:43pm

Maybe your family tradition is to go shopping on Black Friday or watch the Christmas tree lighting together, but for two El Paso moms there's something about the holidays that beckons special deliveries.

For Crystal Resto Rodriguez and her husband Eduardo, they have another blessing to count this Thanksgiving: a new baby boy.

"We're just happy, what a coincidence! and I guess God has a plan for everything."

The coincidence? Crystal was born 28 years ago on Christmas.

Having a birthday on a holiday is a tradition she's glad to pass on to her baby boy.

"Not everybody can say you always get your birthday off of work, or that their families are all together at the same time"

They're not the only ones giving 'birth' to this holiday tradition.

Just down the hall at Providence Memorial Hospital, coincidentally on Thanksgiving another baby Rodriguez.

Claudia Rodriguez gave birth to Luis Julian, now her youngest of four children.

All except one share something in common: being born in holiday fashion.
"My little one, he's 5 years old, he was born Dec. 25th, Christmas Day. The second one, he wasn't born on a holiday but he was born on 9:11 in the morning, and then my oldest she was born New year's Day," she said.

Claudia's family is convinced it's a conspiracy.

"My niece said,"You like to have them on the holidays because that way everybody will come and see the babies! So you do it on purpose!'"

But Claudia insists, it's out of her hands.

'No, they just like to get here with a bang!"

Both families made up for their Thanksgiving surprise Friday, although Eduardo Rodriguez says he will have to wait for Cyber Monday to make up for his Black Friday shopping.

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