Girl, 11, Dies After Being Hit By Pickup Truck


POSTED: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 11:04pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 3, 2012 - 7:20am

EL PASO- An 11-year-old girl died and another was hurt when they were hit by a pickup truck while crossing a street outside an east El Paso elementary school Tuesday afternoon.

Patricia Chapa is in shock because she knows the 11-year-old girl who was hit and killed. She said drivers need to be more cautious in school zones.

"We have to respect the school zone,” Chapa said. “We have to make sure they're not driving fast. We got to slow down for the children."

Police said three girls were crossing the street at Edgemere and Lee near Bill Sybert School at 4:24 p.m. when a truck came through and hit two of the girls.

"As the three were in the crosswalk, they were crossing against the don't walk signal at the same time a pickup truck was driving southbound on Lee Blvd," said Darrel Petry with the El Paso Police Department.

Ambulances rushed both girls to University Medical Center where one of them died.

All three children are students at Bill Sybert School.

"It is a tragedy and we're working right now to extend our hand to the family," said Pat O'Neil, Assistant Superintendent of Socorro ISD.

O'Neil said grief counselors will be at the school Wednesday morning.

"We're going to be dealing with this tragedy with the students and staff at Bill Sybert School," said O'Neil.

Students who learned about the fatal accident went to see what had happened..

"It's very sad that she got ran over," said student Jesus Crespo.

Police have not released any information about the driver of the pickup truck.

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I'm blaming the schools cause if your going to keep our children after school they should have an adult supervision at all time,on till school is really over.

And we parents should go pick up our children at school.

My prayers to the dad & mom.

I have four children and it's hard to say whose fault was it.

The school also lacks of organization in a Miriad of ways and aspects

Chapter 552
552.003. PEDESTRIAN RIGHT-OF-WAY AT CROSSWALK. (a) The operator of a vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian crossing a roadway in a crosswalk if: (1) no traffic control signal is in place or in operation; and (2) the pedestrian is:
(A) on the half of the roadway in which the
vehicle is traveling; or / by what the news is reporting the little girl was already half way accross which this applies.DRiver didnt get cited but I did for being on my cell phone go figure.

There is very little school zone signs there.. That school does not have good traffic organization it is very unsafe for students to cross the street we need more stop signs and speed bumps. School hours do not finish at 4:00 pm during tutoring hours there shoul be someone helping the students to cross safelyThere is a growth of fatal accidents it seems that the city of el paso is growing in population as so are the tragic car incidents by negligent drivers.

So, is the drive facing charges? The girls were crossing the street illegally(yes in a cross walk but when flashing red not to cross). Did they just walk infront of the truck because they also didnt look before stepping into the street? The drive may not have seen them or
not had time to stop. There is not enough information on this story! The little girls and their families are in my prayers! Also, prayers to the drive. Parents please teach your children how and when to cross a street safely!!

i feel bad for both the driver and the children . this was an accicent driver had right of way children just decided to run across on a red light god i just hope all this negative comment stay away, my prayer are with the childrens family and the driver, she didnt see them neither was she speeding the light was green for her to go because of traffic she was unable to see them run across it wasnt school time zone either tthat sadly ends at 4pm in my opinion it should be extended to 5pm tutoring.

This is so sad!!! God bless the sweet angel & her family trying to make sense of this tradegy. Prayers for the little one still recovering and children who had to witness this. Where was the crossing guard? school officials need to make sure children leaving the school (no matter the time) are supervised on a busy road! My heart breaks for this family.

It is the schools responsibility to ensure the safety of all students. I heard a district official say that they have crossing guards, well they need more & whoever made the decision to build an elementary school on a major thoroughfare is nuts! Everytime I go by a school zone, most drivers are driving over the posted speed limit & passing other cars. Everybody needs to slow way down & pay attention to the kids & be ready to stop on a dime if needed. Respect school zones & slow down!

Well , dont walk against the 'dont walk' signal.

this couldve all been prevented if they wouldve followed simple signs.

ReallY? what world do you live on? Pedistrians have a right away...if I see someone crossing the street signs or no signs I am going to stop. You seem a danger to society, I would hate to run into you.

In the one that says if the light is green you have the right away, I feel sorry for the kids, and their parents, but many times you see people adults included, crossing when the signal is not for them and when a tragedy happens it's always easier to blame the other party involve and not take responsibility.

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