Gangs in El Paso


POSTED: Thursday, September 16, 2010 - 10:28am

UPDATED: Friday, September 17, 2010 - 12:38pm

EL PASO - There are nearly 4,000 gang members in the City of El Paso. That's the latest word from police.

They say there are 225 confirmed gangs in the Sun City and 3,651 gang members.

We're told gang graffiti is worst on the Eastside, but when it comes to gang violence it's a toss up between the Northeast and the Eastside.

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Round up all these animals, put them in a foorball Stadium (no exits), with one weapon and one bullet a piece and let them take care of themselves. Let God sort them out in the afterlife, they have no place in this life at all.

What is the FBI`s definition of "gangs" ? Are they gangs or clubs ? A tatoo or two does not make one a so-called gang member. Tats are simply another form of cultural expression and that freedom shall never be denied.

What kind of reporting is this? How about a list of the gangs, their locations and affiliations. What about their AO's, crimes, are tagging and party/dance crews on this list? Some stats of their crimes and convictions would be nice also, maybe a level of how dangerous or menicing they actually are. Concerned parents and community members want to know. I could have told everyone, "there's alot of gangs in El Paso" just as easily, but it wouldn't be called reporting.

we r all da same even gangsters so y we hating on each other

Whay are gangs good for anyway?
..i'm asking beacause i would really like to know if they do anything productive?

what i dont understand about all these gangbangers and wannabees they are supposed to be tough. why is it that they have to drag their homies to a fight. cant they fight one on one. either kick some butt or take your buttwhooping like a man and dont come back with friends or weapons. someone always has to bring a gun or a knife. do it one on one no weapons. but you all cant. dont know what its like to be a real man.

I thought the FBI reported crime down? Did they include the violence of these creeps?

why don't they get jobs???!!! bunch of bums!
Men and women in their 30's and 40's still in a gang?? we all need to grow up some time!!

How do you know if they have jobs? Learn the facts before making any judgement. I don't agree with the need to becoming a gang member but have you asked yourself why they are in these gangs? Most of them needed a sense of belonging when they were young and now they became so use to that kind of life. What these people need is a taste of God in their lifes just like you. The good thing is that you won't judge anyone as to where they will be going after death. God Bless you and he loves us all.

Just give the police a shoot to kill policy toward these lowlifes.

yea do that, so when they kill you or a friend or a family member of yours under that policy youll be ever thankful that you supported from the beginning, they outta make a shoot to kill policy for people like you!

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