Gandara Jr. speaks about arrest

Gandara Jr. speaks about arrest

POSTED: Saturday, April 27, 2013 - 10:38pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 29, 2013 - 10:51am

Former Soccoro City Representative Jesse Gandara Jr. spoke out Saturday afternoon about his arrest for marijuana possession and animal cruelty.

The embattled Gandara held a news conference outside his home to address the charges.

"I do not do drugs," Gandara Jr. said surrounded by friends and family.

Deputies searched Gandara's house Thursday morning and according to an arrest affidavit found a clear plastic baggie with about two grams of marijuana in one of the bedrooms.    

"I went to a certified laboratory to take the most extensive drug test that they have that goes back months so that way I can show and I can prove against these allegations," Gandara said.

Investigators also searched the outside of the home and found 15 chickens and roosters on the property.

According to the affidavit, three of the chickens were dead and other chickens were reportedly pecking on their carcasses.    

They said a small black dog was also reportedly infected with fleas.    

Gandara said the animal cruelty accusations are unwarranted and says the media has video of the conditions of his animals from the day his house was searched.    

Gandara's mother said the accusations stem from politics within the town and people who do not like what her son was doing in council by helping the town progress.

Both Gandara and his mother denied to answer any questions saying they were advised by their lawyer not to do so.

Gandara said he plans to continue running for city council.

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Gandara has some nerve to try to compare himself to Cesar E. Chavez and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Gandara is nowhere the man that Chavez and King are. Drugs and dead chickens were found at his home but he says he knows nothing about that. At best he is a liar and at worst he is a drug user, an animal abuser etc., etc., etc. Need I go on?

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