Furr's restaurant closes Las Cruces location

Furr's restaurant closes Las Cruces location

POSTED: Monday, January 20, 2014 - 4:09pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 - 9:43am

No advanced notification given to employees

The parking lot of Furr's Fresh Buffet was packed but with cars of former employees who were finding out they were terminated after the restaurant permanently closed its doors Monday.

Throughout the morning large moving trucks were loaded with chairs and furniture from inside the restaurant that had been operating for about five years in Las Cruces.

"They're closing our restaurant and they didn't even let us know," Jemima McDowell, a former employee.

McDowell said they were told to attend a meeting Monday morning where they were informed the restaurant had permanently closed and they had lost their jobs.

Local management said the restaurant had about 50 to 60 employees on staff working full-time and part-time.

Furr's corporate office said Monday they could not elaborate as to why the Las Cruces location was closing.

Employees said they were told there just wasn't enough business.

"It was always busy and they always had really good service," said Mike Guebara who was stopping by for lunch.

Guebara said he ate at the restaurant three to four times a week and it always seemed business was doing fine.

Employees said they were always busy and even had a lot of regular customers on a daily basis.

"Some of them have been here since the day we opened our doors," said Melissa Tsyitee, a former employee.

Employees said even the local managers didn't know they would be closing until Sunday night but staff noticed food was being snuck out the back days prior.

Staff said they were extremely upset at not receiving notice because it is difficult to find jobs.

"It's not easy out there nowadays," McDowell said. "It's hard to find jobs and for them to drop it down on us it's just not right."

Local management said they would look into possibly transferring some of the employees to El Paso and opening up communication with other restaurants in town to potentially hire some of the terminated employees.


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FYI - In general, employers are covered by WARN if they have 100 or more employees, not counting employees who have worked less than 6 months in the last 12 months and not counting employees who work an average of less than 20 hours a week.

My guess is the Unaffordable Act Obamacare. Many businesses are cutting back employees, to meet the governmental mandates. When people demand FREE they find out that is all propaganda because someone pays. The class warfare that Democrats tout is anti-business. It hurts everyone employers and employees. Maybe someone should have read the monstrosity of a bill (more pages than the bible) BEFORE they passed it! This is an example (like the shovel ready jobs) of obama's ruining the economy.

The employees should have received WARN notices 90 days before the closing if 50 or more employees were affected at that Furr's location. This is a federal law and it sure sounds as if Furr's may have run afoul of that law.

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