Full Unedited Video of Officer/Manager Confrontation


POSTED: Friday, March 5, 2010 - 6:51pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - 9:52am

Full Unedited Video of Confrontation Between Officer John Chavez and Station Manager Hollis Grizzard, Jr.

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Many people need to understand that the news people do this to help get it out to viewers so that we can understand the dangers there are out there. Yes i understand respect the family , BUT put your self in there shoes and tell me how would you feel.. You really dont know what to expect untill it happens to you and you are dealing with the problem... THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!

Why is everyone on this officers case? He asked the guy to stop filming, he kepted his calm, even though Grizzard sounded agitated, and the end result was that he left. I think Grizzard is trying to make a news story out of something that is not news worthy. His conversation with an officer is certainly not worthy of a news story. I think someone is trying to compete with KVIA with the incident that happen with that news reporter. GET A LIFE GRIZZARD!!!


sick MR. Grizzard is trying to film someone elses pain and anguish....and you wonder where this world is going and why we are in this handbasket..

lets have him and his family exposed on the side of the road in a situation and ill be the first to show up with my cell phone camera and shove it right in Mr. Grizzards face....

Im just getting a story....its my god given right....ha, ha.....pathetic

shame on you MR. GRIZZARD

I understand he was reporting the accident, but what about the victems privacy. The officer was correct in asking the gentleman to stop filming. The accident was distracting enough for drivers and then to have someone on opposite side filming. Have we not learned from previous distraction how dangerous it can get. Please, he had filmed enough to get the point across. Respect the victims privacy and the law enforement's duties. Mr. Grizzard, seems you were trying to get more then a picture.

Obviously Officer J. Chavez needs to be educated in community services, public relations and diplomatic empathy to all members of society. I would imagine if Officer Chavez was so embroiled in what this gentleman was doing with his I-Phone (innocent bystander) then maybe Officer Chavez needs to direct his attention more to the hazzard at hand (The accident). If the Officer acts like this in the public's eye then surely he is acting this way constantly through the blessing of his supervisors.

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