FULL STORY: Two Brothers Die In Car Accident


POSTED: Monday, June 27, 2011 - 4:12pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 4, 2011 - 10:12am

EL PASO - A family is in mourning today after Luis and Andres Garcia, on the left side of the photo, died in a fatal car crash.

"I just adored those two guys," said their older brother, Ruben Garcia.

The deadly crash happened around 3 Saturday morning on I-10 near downtown. Police say Luis, who was driving, drifted into the left shoulder. He over-corrected and hit a pole. Both were wearing seatbelts, but the impact ripped the car in two, throwing Andres from the passenger seat. Andres was then run over by a tractor-trailer which didn't stop to help. He died at the scene. Luis died at University Medical Center a short time later. Police say they were speeding and may have been drinking that night.

"The car it was a disaster, you know it was a mess," Ruben said.

At 19 years old, Andres was studying at the community college since graduating from Franklin.

"He was always happy, you know, he always making you laugh, making jokes," Ruben said.

Ruben says Luis was a little more quiet, and a good student. But he knew how to dole it out, too.

"Whenever he made a good joke, you laughed," Ruben said.

At 18 years old, Luis had just accepted a soccer scholarship to a college in Pennsylvania. Andres planned to join him there. Both brothers were supposed to be in Mexico this week visiting Ruben, who attends school there. But now the family is mourning their loss. Ruben says it's like they're living a nightmare.

"It's horrible, it's like the worst feeling you can have," Ruben said. "It's hard, it's hard. That's all I can tell you, it's hard."

The boys' soccer coach tells us they will be setting up an altar outside Franklin Monday night at 7. The viewing and rosary will be held Wednesday night with mass following the next morning. Then a vigil will be held at Franklin High Thursday night at 8 to remember Andres and Luis.

Original story:

EL PASO -- Two brothers are dead from a car accident that happened early this morning. Police said around 3 a.m. the driver Luis Garcia, 18, was speeding on the westbound I-10 freeway near Downtown when he lost control.

The car slid across three lanes, hitting a metal pole and splitting the car in half.

The passenger Andres Garcia, 19, flew onto the lanes and was run over by a tractor trailer which fled the scene. He died at the scene while his younger brother died shortly afterwards in the University Medical Center.

Police say alcohol may be involved in this deadly crash.

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Pray for yourself to accept what happened. Also learn the meaning of the word racist before you use it.

Racist is someone who discriminates based on race, i believe your "mexican melodrama" comment did just that. and i pray for you, for you to have a heart and learn some sympathy. Not only that but to be so blessed as to be able to meet people as special and loveable as Luis and Andres were, because that was the best blessing that could have ever happened to those who knew them.

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