FULL STORY: Suspect Arrested in Mesilla Triple Murder

Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 4:52pm

LAS CRUCES - There's finally an arrest tonight, a year after the murder of three people inside their Mesilla home.

The suspect is Gino Ferri, who's long been described as a person of interest. He's charged with the murders, and also burglary with a weapon, tampering with evidence and car theft.

While many people in Dona Ana County no doubt are breathing a sigh of relief today, others are wondering - what took so long?

"The defendant made the remark that what he did at the Delisle's home, it felt good to him," said Dona Ana County District Attorney Amy Orlando.

After working with a witness for the past couple of months, members of Las Cruces Law Enforcement say they're able to charge Eugene "Gino" Ferri with the murders of Gilles and Helga Delisle and Peter Weith.

"Three people that could be witnesses were killed, so it took the Sheriff's department time to get people to come forward, for leads to come forward," Orlando said.

The witness told Sheriff's deputies that he drove Ferri to the Delisle's home the day of the act, then waited around the corner at a park. He said Ferri came back driving a white Pathfinder belonging to the Delisles, and that Ferri then went into the park bathroom with a bag.

"Went into the bathroom, changed out of his clothes, and didn't have the bag with him any longer," Orlando said

Investigators later found a gun in a septic tank in that park bathroom. They believe it's the same gun used to kill the three people. They also say Ferri was involved in a civil dispute over money.

"He was a defendant in a civil litigation filed by Gilles Delisle, to recover a large sum of money that was loaned to Gino," said Joe Reynaud, a sergeant in the Sheriff's office.

But why did it take so long to arrest Ferri since he was a person of interest so early on? Weren't they concerned the suspect would flee - or even strike again?

"His roots are here, his mother lives here," Reynaud said.

"This was not a random act," Orlando added.

Orlando won't say whether charges will be filed against that cooperating witness, but they made it clear that he wasn't granted any immunity. Right now Ferri is being held on a $5,000,000 bond in the Dona Ana County Jail.

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