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POSTED: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 6:33pm

EL PASO— El Paso Pastor Tom Brown is never afraid to voice his opinion on gay issues. But one of his most controversial claims is that he can convert gay people back to being straight.

Some people say his teachings are harmful and dangerous. But News Channel 9's Monique Griego spoke with one man who said he's been cured by him.

“As far as homosexuality do you think your cured?” asked Monique Griego.

“Yeah I'm not going that route. No.”

But there was a time when "Joe”— as he would like to be called— did go that route. For several years in his 20's, he was gay and openly slept with men.

“It was like drugs, sex, and rock and roll were all tied into this lifestyle,” said Joe.

Joe compares the urge he had to be with men to the need a drug addict has for a fix. Then, after nearly a decade of being gay, Joe stopped being gay.

“I was able to put my foot down and say forget it step away from it,” said Joe.

How'd he do it? Joe said he found God and Pastor Tom Brown.

“It doesn't make any difference if they feel this attraction, they have a choice to make,” said Pastor Tom Brown.

Brown, who runs the word of life church in east El Paso is no stranger to controversy. But one of his most controversial teachings is that he can turn gay people straight.

“The attraction is gone. Those who I talk with, and I can only go by what they've told me, they tell me attraction gone,” said Brown.

Brown doesn't believe people are born gay. In his books he claims people are turned gay by traumatic events in their lives, like being molested, not fitting in, or like in Joe's case, men who don't have a father figure.

“He didn't have a father that raised him to be a man, and that gave him feminine characteristics that caused predatory men to come and take advantage of him,” said Brown of Joe.

Brown considers gay desires a mental disease, that God and his teachings can help heal.

“As we change our thinking God begins to change our desire and we now have new desires,”said Brown

He showed us letters and emails from people who claim it's worked.

“Thank you for prayerful support. I've come to a point where I no longer have an active attraction to men,” read Brown from a letter.

But not everyone is buying what brown is selling...

“Do any of those reasons apply to you?”asked Griego.

“No, none of those reasons. That's why I tell you they're so full of it!”

As a gay man, Pifas Silva finds the idea of a cure for homosexuality hard to believe. He says Brown's teachings are not only wrong, but dangerous.

“I think it does a lot of harm. This is a form of bullying,” Silva said. A serious claim research backs up, according to Psychologist Richard Patterson.

“I think in this particular type of therapy, that's a major concern,” said Patterson.

Patterson said the American Psychological Association did several studies on gay conversion therapy. They found not only does it not work, but that it's harmful.

Further research showed us that The American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, the American Counseling Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of Social Workers, are unanimous in that so-called "reparative" therapy is not only ineffective, but potentially harmful to a person's overall well being.

“It's a line of teaching that says I'm bad, or I'm sinful, or I'm sick,” said Patterson. “Then that's going to make a negative opinion of myself,”

Patterson also said because religion is involved, people might feel pressured into saying they're cured. All these reasons are why Silva says Brown should leave psychology to the professionals.

“I think he should just back away from trying to cure homosexuals from a disorder that he thinks it is,”said Silva. “And really value people for who they are and stop being so judgmental.If anyone is judging someone it's him, and that's just evil in this world if you ask me.”

But criticism only seems to fuel Brown's holy fire. As for Joe, he maintains he no longer has any attraction to men

“Do the thoughts come? Urges come?” asked Griego.
“No, no,” Joe responded.

Joe doesn't care about the critics. He said the life he lives now is better than the one he had as a gay man. He hopes his story will help others deal with what he believes are demon desires.

“I do believe if somebody wants to change they can,” said Joe.

Pastor Brown acknowledges that some of the people he treats admit they still have sexual thoughts about the same sex, but he considers them cured if they have the strength to no longer act on those urges.

Again, critics say that's nonsense because it's the feeling inside a person that makes them gay.

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Funny how any addictive behavior is called disease.. except immoral sexual behavior condoned by a society. Any person who believes in God & the Bible as his inspired word needs to read 1 Corinthians 6:9. In this verse God is very clear about sexual immorality. God loves everyone, but will not allow unrepentive children in his kingdom. And, yes we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, but not all of us live in sin and unrepentive as if there is no God. So,take it up w/God not Pastor Brown.

You can NOT turn a gay person straight, seriously as a pastor, i thought you are not to judge. God doesnt jugde. Its not all about the sexual attraction you can fall in love with the same sex or opposite its simply just love, you cant stop someone from loving the same sex. Just let the gay world be happy. There is much more to say but i will leave it as it is, just understand you can not change anyone!

If being gay is a choice then it must be true that being straight is a choice. Makes sense? Of course not. Gay people are just fine just the way God made them. God's way is loving gays. If you're reading this and don't agree I have a new's flash for you; you know nothing of God's or any love.

I grew up with a mother role and father role,brother and sister uncles cousins etc and doesnt mean anything I am a lesbian and it is the feeling that u have inside,its not true that anybody is cured once your a bisexual lesbian gay the urge is there. You can hide the person who you really are,yet theres someone who sees the real you,that is god.Itsreally sad that those people who claim that they have been happy since they been cured well they are living a lie.Im living a happy life with my girl.

I give Pastor Brown less than 3 years before he's involved in a scandal of some sort. Isn't that a given?

Tom Brown is the most disgusting human being I have come across. He is the puppet master in a money making scheme, praying on people looking for guidance. Tom Brown you are NOT GOD, God loves all and leave the judging to GOD. It boils my blood whenever I see and hear your ignorance on television. I am embarrassed to live in the same community as someone as ignorant as you. I hope KTSM passes this comment on to you and your congregation.

People who think US GLBTQ people need to be cured need to stop doing GODS job by judging us. We are who we are. It's like us telling straight people they need help. God can see the future and if he didn't want people to be gay no one would be gay. He wants us to be happy and we are. Just like any other straight person. We're human to. :)

Directly quoting from KJV (which intolerant extremists so often love to use): "He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone..." John, 8:7

Just saying, Pastor Brown.

This Pastor is full of it. You can't "change" someone back. And if those people are claiming that they are "cured" they are lying. Which is further fueling this pastor into thinking he has special powers. Totally false. I don't know why that guy was hiding during the interview. Probably because he doesn't want anyone outing him out.

I think... no, I KNOW gay people are harmful and dangerous. They want everyone to live their lifestyle. Sorry, they are NOT born that way, they decided to be that way - and they can change!

What makes you think that gay people want everyone to live their lifestyle. Please don't speak for other people of which you have no direct knowledge. Or are you gay, and you are saying that you want everybody to live YOUR lifestyle?

i agree dsm, and if u have a dsm the car nice. People shouldnt be so judgemental and this pastor is evil for doing this

How are they harmful/dangerous? I don't see them forcing their sexuality on anyone, they just want equal rights like everyone else.

They were born that way - happy, free and gay. You're just filled with hate.

You KNOW that gay people are harmful and dangerous? Really? Maybe you should open your eyes, possibly your heart and mind and see the good that GAY people have done for EVERYBODY's community, family and (gasp) Country! The fact of the matter is that there are ALOT of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender people that have made more of a sacrifice for the good of others than some of the "straight" community. Nobody wants an angry, ignorant, hateful person to live "their" lifestyle.

You are full of you know what. People cant help who they "fall in love" with. Get off your high horse and stop being so ignorant. People like you make me sick. We are all brothers and sister and we need to start acting like it. Pastor Brown this goes for you as well. They do not push their "lifestyle" off on anyone. How can you sit there and say they are harmful and dangerous? What has anyone of them done to you? Maybe you should look into your own inner demons. Figure that out first.

It is real sad that this scam artist is using religion to gain publicity and pull the strings of very naive individuals. How would he like it if someone tried to make him gay? Or is Tom hiding something like some of those anti-gay pastors that have been caught in homosexual scandals? That will make interesting news when his truth is uncovered.

Why does KTSM give a charlatan like brown an opportunity to spew his bigotry and display his ignorance? If his "theory" is applied to heterosexuals, can they in turn become homosexuals??

There is nothing wrong with being gay. It's not a mental disease like the Pastor says. Anyone who believes that, need some extensive therapy and education on Mental Health issues. People are born gay and God makes NO MISTAKES. Pastor Brown is not preaching the word of God or even living like Jesus Christ. He's phony and full of baloney. Beware of false prophets like this man and his church.

bible - According to I CORINTHIANS 6:9-11 no revilers, idolaters, fornicators,homosexuals, or thieves , will enter the kingdom of heaven.
You can kiss on anyone you want but you aint gettin in unless you repent.
God doesn't make mistakes, only people do . Either you believe or you don't. ... that's just bible dude.

Not that long ago psycologists and psychiatrists openly admitted that homosexuality is a disorder. However, these fields are now infiltrated by homosexuals that have lobbied to change the rules of the game. Even if your not an adherent to any kind of morality, or religion, homosexuality is dead, for it engenders death of the human race, and in the mean-time it brings about pain and destruction. You can legalize weird behaviors, but in the end, nothing good comes out of mental disorders.

Being gay can't be fixed any more than using Jesus Christ's name as a catalyst for hatred towards the different, can be.

That ;Joe' wasnt cured of anything but drug and alcohol addiction. Thats why his life is better.
The commandment states "Love thy neighbor." Not
"Love thy neighbor...only if they're heterosexual." We are not here to judge and "cure." It is nothing but blind biggotry the pastor contains inside his self, not love or forgiveness.

I will also heal the pastor from judging others, but then I will also be judged for judging.

So Pastor Brown believes that not having a father figure while you're growing up can lead you into homosexuality. Pastor, I've got news for you. I lost my father at age 12 and was raised by my mother. I must have missed that part about winding up as a homosexual, because that didn't happen to me. Pastor Brown, you seem to forget one of the major tenets of the Bible...Love thy neighbor as you love yourself. Sadly, your version of that includes the words "unless your neighbor is gay."

To the homosexual who proclaims to have found happiness and fulfillment in life, so be it. Am I the judge of what is right or wrong for each individual? We should not however, discourage those of us who don't want to be gay or have gay thoughts from seeking help. I believe transformation is possible and I thoroughly believe it is indeed a GOD thing. I don't believe, however, that overnight transformation is normative. For me, it has been a very long road.

It is not the Pastor, To God be ALL I mean ALL the Honor and Glory. God has the power to change anything we hand over to Him. We just have to want to. God loves us all. But, he hates our sin. He loves us so much he refuses to leave us as He found us!!!

I totally agree. Very well said Alicia!

It is not the Pastor, To God be ALL I mean ALL the Honor and Glory. God has the power to change anything we hand over to Him. We just have to want to. God loves us all. But, he hates our sin. He loves us so much he refuses to leave us as He found us!!!

Trying to change the nature of a person is like trying to change a brown eyed person to blue eyes. Sure you can have blue colored contacts, but at night when take them off you are still brown eyed!

He is not trying to change anything. He is just preaching the truth of the word of God for eternal salvation. Sometimes reporters don't understand what there asking or interviewing and they twist what others said. I suggest people buy the book or read the Holy Bible, in order to know the truth and it shall set you free from mind and soul captivity. God loves what He created and the devil came to destroy His creation by trying to hide the truth from people.

You're wrong. He's teaching hate and intolerance and that not what God or Jesus Christ wants.

I agree. Peroxide only temporarily gives you blonde hair. Eventually your roots grow back! you can pretend not to be gay but to the dismay of many women your roots always give you away!

Read a book, inform yourself. Your ignorance is embarassing in this day and age of information.

1) cure : to relieve (a person or animal) of the symptoms of a disease or condition.

2) mockery : an absurd misrepresentation or imitation of something.

3) pastor : a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation.

4) nonsense : spoken or written words that have no meaning or make no sense.
❛Twaddle❜ refers to silly, empty utterances from people who know nothing about a subject but who write or talk about it anyway..❛Twaddle❜.

Exactly! He's a pastor for God's sake! Haa If he is "successfully" doing the work that scientists have proven can not be undone, then, THOSE WANNABEes were NOT gay to begin with. Does he even have a college education? History books show how that gays have been around for as long as mankind. The difference is that today they are being OPENLY honest and not hiding with fear of being judged by self-ritious, egocentric, bullies like Tom Brown who is supposed to be spreading God's love not Tom's hate

And further me Pastor clearly states that he does not heal it is Jesus who does all the healing. Pastor I support you 100%

Your usage of religion and Jesus to perpetuate these lies and injustices will be equated with the typical tragedy of U.S. history of religious fanatics who parade around the bible, justifying the oppression of a minority. It was no different with slavery, or with woman suffrage. "barb" makes it sound like you're a woman, if so, do you enjoy that at one point the bible was used to keep you from basic civil rights? Elevate your thinking.

How scary, people turn faith into a habit of non thinking. If I were going to take any religious angle, it would be that there are MANY churches that are now open to homosexuality and recognize the injustice pastors like this man are doing in order to "cure" homosexuality as a "choice." Not all homosexuals are promiscuous, or came from "predators" or "absent fathers." This is at best, a reiteration of Freudian theory which has long been disregarded as even close to accurate.

I agree with you! Barb101, YES, Pastor Brown--we support you 100%. You are victorious in God's hands, you'll see! You keep doing your part, that God will do His.

The only one who needs healing is the pastor himself who is spreading disdain under the guise of God's work. Please recall that the ten commandments call for acts of kindness and acceptance - not for the oppression of any one people. Haven't you "Godly" people learned anything from history? Did you forget Hitler? Did you forget how far women have come for equality? (KEY WORK EQUALITY).Did you forget the plight of slaves who have to this day not recovered from slavery.You are sowing seeds of hate

All he wants is publicity and money. He's like a snake oil salesman - full of baloney.

Heal from what? Does he even care about that or saving souls, everyone sins yes even you!

Save you from yourself...everyone sins but when your born again you dont have to sin anymore and then you are free...which is what you really want Chris deep inside you want freedom.....

of course everyone sins! Only God can judge. That should be scary enough

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