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POSTED: Wednesday, March 2, 2011 - 5:47pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 6:33pm

EL PASO— El Paso Pastor Tom Brown is never afraid to voice his opinion on gay issues. But one of his most controversial claims is that he can convert gay people back to being straight.

Some people say his teachings are harmful and dangerous. But News Channel 9's Monique Griego spoke with one man who said he's been cured by him.

“As far as homosexuality do you think your cured?” asked Monique Griego.

“Yeah I'm not going that route. No.”

But there was a time when "Joe”— as he would like to be called— did go that route. For several years in his 20's, he was gay and openly slept with men.

“It was like drugs, sex, and rock and roll were all tied into this lifestyle,” said Joe.

Joe compares the urge he had to be with men to the need a drug addict has for a fix. Then, after nearly a decade of being gay, Joe stopped being gay.

“I was able to put my foot down and say forget it step away from it,” said Joe.

How'd he do it? Joe said he found God and Pastor Tom Brown.

“It doesn't make any difference if they feel this attraction, they have a choice to make,” said Pastor Tom Brown.

Brown, who runs the word of life church in east El Paso is no stranger to controversy. But one of his most controversial teachings is that he can turn gay people straight.

“The attraction is gone. Those who I talk with, and I can only go by what they've told me, they tell me attraction gone,” said Brown.

Brown doesn't believe people are born gay. In his books he claims people are turned gay by traumatic events in their lives, like being molested, not fitting in, or like in Joe's case, men who don't have a father figure.

“He didn't have a father that raised him to be a man, and that gave him feminine characteristics that caused predatory men to come and take advantage of him,” said Brown of Joe.

Brown considers gay desires a mental disease, that God and his teachings can help heal.

“As we change our thinking God begins to change our desire and we now have new desires,”said Brown

He showed us letters and emails from people who claim it's worked.

“Thank you for prayerful support. I've come to a point where I no longer have an active attraction to men,” read Brown from a letter.

But not everyone is buying what brown is selling...

“Do any of those reasons apply to you?”asked Griego.

“No, none of those reasons. That's why I tell you they're so full of it!”

As a gay man, Pifas Silva finds the idea of a cure for homosexuality hard to believe. He says Brown's teachings are not only wrong, but dangerous.

“I think it does a lot of harm. This is a form of bullying,” Silva said. A serious claim research backs up, according to Psychologist Richard Patterson.

“I think in this particular type of therapy, that's a major concern,” said Patterson.

Patterson said the American Psychological Association did several studies on gay conversion therapy. They found not only does it not work, but that it's harmful.

Further research showed us that The American Psychiatric Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association, the American Counseling Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Association of Social Workers, are unanimous in that so-called "reparative" therapy is not only ineffective, but potentially harmful to a person's overall well being.

“It's a line of teaching that says I'm bad, or I'm sinful, or I'm sick,” said Patterson. “Then that's going to make a negative opinion of myself,”

Patterson also said because religion is involved, people might feel pressured into saying they're cured. All these reasons are why Silva says Brown should leave psychology to the professionals.

“I think he should just back away from trying to cure homosexuals from a disorder that he thinks it is,”said Silva. “And really value people for who they are and stop being so judgmental.If anyone is judging someone it's him, and that's just evil in this world if you ask me.”

But criticism only seems to fuel Brown's holy fire. As for Joe, he maintains he no longer has any attraction to men

“Do the thoughts come? Urges come?” asked Griego.
“No, no,” Joe responded.

Joe doesn't care about the critics. He said the life he lives now is better than the one he had as a gay man. He hopes his story will help others deal with what he believes are demon desires.

“I do believe if somebody wants to change they can,” said Joe.

Pastor Brown acknowledges that some of the people he treats admit they still have sexual thoughts about the same sex, but he considers them cured if they have the strength to no longer act on those urges.

Again, critics say that's nonsense because it's the feeling inside a person that makes them gay.

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This moron Brown is like a real, really bad CLOWN looking for a circus to pick him up, dont be that circus KTSM, stick to real reporting, and stop humoring him.

If they are going to run this nutjobs opressing ideas they could at least try to make a compramise on the issue. There is a reason religion and government are meant to be seperate. When religion meets government then our laws are dictated by an archaic book that was written for people who crap in holes. A good compromise would be if these anti gay people were to give up on trying to regulate government (which they have no place being). And only banned gay marriages in their places of worship.

All of his theories about the causes of homosexuality are based on anecdotal evidence along with a little confirmation bias over the years. When studies are actually done - no clear causes are found. Neither lack of father figure nor sexual abuse are factors in determining someone's sexuality.

I for one am I gay man who has a "manly" father figure, was pushed into sports and kickboxing all throughout childhood, had no gay friends growing up, and was never abused.

like lady gaga said we are all born that way...who is anyone to judge? Especially a Pastor how more un proffessional can that be? All we can do is pray for sick people like that and let God judge everyone of us when the day comes. We are all Gods children, this is sad that this aired out, then again what now adaiz in the world is not good now adays. Being a straight woman i find it wrong that people cant be who they want because of monsters like this. Let them be already.

Nicole are you really quoting Lady Gaga!! See that is was is wrong with society today!! The people that individuals quote and look up to is very wrong!! This is why the world is in chaos!!

Can't believe that everyone commenting is sooo close minded. let people believe in what they want to believe. If a person wants to be gay so be it let them be gay if they want to straight go for it. TO EACH IT'S OWN! You would have thought that a bunch of ADULTS would have learned in ELEMENTARY NOT TO JUDGE ANYONE!!!

Leave it to News Channel 9 to give all the local idiots and crazies, like this "Pastor", an outlet to broadcast their hatred. This is not news, this is sensationalism, one of the few things NC 9 is actually good at.

If there is anyone who is sick and has a mental disorder it is most certainly Pastor Brown. He's probably so against homosexuality because he is a closet case gay man who is doing this to deal with his own feelings and urges. I have no doubt in my mind that he probably goes out searching for random secret dark room sex with other men all the time. There is no cure for homosexuality because it is not a disease. As far as that guy "Joe" goes, he's a total phony, there's no doubting that.

This comment is directed towards no one person, but I am just saying. The Bible says Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Just sleep on that.

"Man was created to the image and resemblance of GOD: Male and Female were created". When you mess your original condition or someone or something affected it, like sexual abuse, drugs, trauma due to divorce, etc., you try to escape from yourself due to being alone and feeling the absence of a GOD that can help you solve your problems. Homosexuality is a cheap escape to the real thing: LOVE between the original MALE and FEMALE.

It's funny how "Joe" doesn't care about his critics but refused his"real" identity!

In any game there are rules to follow to acheive the given goal in the game. You can't can't change the rules and expect to get to the same desired goal. In a marriage there are rules. Man and Woman (God gave us the pattern) joined together in Holy matrimony, or by court constitutes a legal marriage. Anything else you're trying to change the rules to acheive the same desired goal. Why should only legally married couples have to follow the rules and nobody else?


who are we to judge anyone for anything? I am a firm believer that if two people, homosexual or heterosexual, can find love and happiness with one another, LET THEM!!!!! There is not enough of either one of those things in this world as it is. This is not just directed to Pastor Brown but to all those who don't like homosexuality!!! These kinds of people are ignorant and not up with the times. There's a song by the Eagles; GET OVER IT. Get off your little cross get over the bridge and burn it

It is sad to know that this pastor is taking advantage of this individual who obviously is going through some issues in his personal life. He should be more concerned on how to help this individual cope with the discrimination the gay community faces here in El Paso, Tx. It is not correct to have all these people discriminate the gay community. I moved here from Chicago, and am saddened to see how all this discrimination is allowed. I never experienced that in Chicago.

The point that everyone seems to be missing is that Ptr. Brown is a salesman.He has a business to run and with out his congrigation,the man can not make a living.KTSM are also businessmen, they too must have their following in order to function.As long as stories like this(stir up controversy)are aired,we will talk, blog, tweet and FB them and will drive their ratings.Don't hate on them for trying to make a living.I wish them well.I don't buy into it, but its entertaining

Yes, Tom Brown is nothing more than salesman and a publicity seeker.

I find this curious. Had I been healed by God, I would be His witness and not remain in the shadows asking people to believe. Also, curious is a preacher who takes 7 phrases in the Bible to be known for, yet does little to move me to act over the 1000 plus phrase about poverty. Christ is about Grace which meets us where we are, the way we anything less denies Grace. One last curious thing- for what Brown thinks is so important - Jesus never even said a single word.

This man that calls himself a Pastor is an embarrassment to the city of El Paso. He gives the word IDIOT a whole new meaning. We have an amazing Pastor in our church, his name is Charles Nieman, he and his wife are a true inspiration to all of us in their church. This character Brown is just an embarrassement. That fact that you at channel nine would give this idiot this much coverage is unbelieveable. I have lost all respect for the channel nine coverage of what is important. :(

It's narrow minded self centered people like Pastor Tom Brown that make me lose all hope in religion. This man is JOKE! Especially with comments like this "Pastor Brown acknowledges that some of the people he treats admit they still have sexual thoughts about the same sex, but he considers them cured if they have the strength to no longer act on those urges".... No Pastor Brown you didnt "CURE" anything all you did was make these people feel ASHAMED for being who they are.

Pastor Tom brown is sick in the head as well as his cult of followers. I am willing to be that he himself engages in homosexual activity as well as his "ex-gay" friends. Bet you anything!

News Channel 9 you should be ashamed for this type of "reporting"!! Do you not see that this is just hateful propaganda??? Did you stop for one second to think about what your gay viewers would think or feel?? I am speaking to you as a enraged heterosexual woman who cannot believe you are giving air time to such crap!! I hope that with this you can see that YOU are part of the problem and NOT the solution. It is things like these that do not allow for acceptance of all!!

Come on, we all know Tom Brown will do anything for publicity and speak just to hear the sound of his own voice.

I think the gay community are not naive and well aware that people like Tom Brown and his teachings are just hateful.

Monique did a good job of presenting an unbiased story. Good job, Monique!

IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE, IGNORANCE, and HATE! That's what Pastor Tom Brown is full of.

I can't believe how some people can be so ignorant! God is full of LOVE! He wouldn't create a soul for it to be DAMNED and DESTINED for hell.
I RESPECT BROWN's views, as he is entitled to them, however, i don't agree! Even IF it is sinful, why are things like murder and adultery forgivable... and not sexual orientation? I live by Brown, and i debate on just walking over and talking sense into him!

This is so non-sense.!! Why worry about homosexuals when they aren’t even doing anything to anyone.? Is just disrespectful playing with something like this and God.!! If Tom Brown says he can “cure” this because it’s a mental problem, then how come he can’t cured other people that go and steal from others or those who cheat on their partners.? Just leave this to true doctors. All you doing is harming people.

Why do so many people put all their faith in the bible and those that (mis)quote it continually?

It has been re-written, and will continue to be re-written, so many times that any message it had is long lost.

I was one of those 'cured' gays.. HA! Happened while I was in a bible thumping college.

After admitting the truth to myself that I was born gay I left the christian faith completely.

I'm now 70+ years old and have no fear of eternity.

I pray for the GLBT community that the words of this man will not lure them to a path of destruction. He is not a therapist!!!! Know that God loves us we are worthy to come to Him and call Him Father. We need to stand united to this abuse.

HOW DARE HE speak of things he knows nothing of, unless he was molested and or has been gay in his earlier years would he be able to coin those things as factual.

Pastor Tom Brown is forgetting the words our good lord spoke "love one another the same way I love you" that was his only commandment… he puts it above Mosses’ ten. It is not his job to judge people, God himself waits till the day we die to do it... So who does he think he is by doing it now? If anyone in this world has to fear the wrath of god it is he. For “HE” has divided this community and segregated those who he condemns as sinners just as Hitler and Mussolini did . HOW DARE HE speak of

I think Pastor Brown is a closet homosexual and that he conconcted that story about having the ability to cure homosexuality with hopes that he too will be cured of his homosexuality, if he believes in his ability to do so strongly enough. Good luck Browneye, I mean Brown.

Hahaha My thoughts exactly, Citizen G.

I have met pastor brown and he is married. God is the only one who can cure a person of homosexuality if they need cured. or set free. Tom brown can't do anything without the help of God he needs to get off his high chair and get down to the truth that he is not powerful enough to set anybody free unless God gives him the power.

I agree with the other person. I mean how many times has it already been known that "straight" married men (pastors, even!) engage in homosexual activity. I'm sure he's one of those. He's fighting it. So sad.

Yeah, have you met some of the people that left his church because of his relations with someone that isn't his wife?

Being in a straight married relationship does not make on straight, only legally married.

Oh how Mr Brown (Pastor???????) loves all the attention he's getting in the press and TV. Do you think maybe he has an EGO problem? I doubt that he really believes what he is saying... "just keep my name in the headlines and help me get national attention like my 'brother' did in Florida recently."

Thats why its called being born again when you accept Jesus Romans 10, then you have a new a nature, a nature that doesnt have the tendency to sin....so now you have blue eyes..

Maybe so, but how does he erase the memory of being into "brown eyes" all those years?

I wonder why he is so concerned about the few gay couples who actually want to get married as opposed to the vast majority of straight couples nowadays who simply live together. He uses the gay controversy for his own self-promotion.

Makes me really wonder about Pastor Brown's


Chris: The truth is 1Corinthians6:9-10"Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."(NIV).However 1Corinthians6:11"And that is what some of you were. But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus.(NIV)

Chris I sorry if you do not want to believe the truth but remember sir Matthew 19:4-5:
"...at the beginning, the Creator 'made them male and female' and said 'For this reason man will leave his father and mother, and be united with his wife; and the two will become one flesh.'" (NIV).

There are many more scriptures in the bible regarding this subject. Will the people that stand against Tom, take the time to read and interpret for themselves or will they continue in ignorance. Know for yourselves what the word of God says, don't rely on your understanding. God gave us the pattern the enemy(devil) brought the deception. Take the time to know for yourselves.

Yes sir i know that happened for a fact. That is why Tom Brown needs to realize that we all sin and have no right to judge anyone because we all have faults. All we can do is ask for forgiveness and keep trying to become better people.People had the heart to forgive him for his errors and yet he is judging other people. He is lucky to still be a Pastor because of the the good heart of the elders in the church. All we can do is pray for each other for guidance.

People interpret the Bible, as they interpret their own law. I found something interesting on the internet. It is long to read, but, should be said. As stated in the article, there are things the Bible condemns and those that we (as a modern society)condemn. PLEASE READ PASTOR BROWN!!! It is blows my mind how Pastor Brown shows so much interest in homosexuality.
The Bible is a book about God -- not a book about human sexuality.

This is just more proof that closed minded people should stop hiding behind their religion and try accepting people for who they are, as their own religion states. Getting paid to beat a Bible doesn't make you a good Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a Corvette.

We as Christians should not be passing judgment on anyone.Nobody is perfect and we all sin and have come short of the Glory of God but are saved through the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ.Pastor Tom Brown I am surprised that you do not understand this since you are a pastor. I am sure you have committed a sin that might be shameful? In Gods eyes we are all equal. Maybe we should be worried about following Gods word instead of judging others.God is LOVE.

The only one who heals from the inside out is GOD, and Pastor Brown DIDN'T say he heals people, niether he said he is a psychologist, but God uses him to bring the lost to Christ for eternal salvation and preach the Word that heals the soul. He never mentioned that Joe entered homosexuality because of his father. Reporters, you better get the info. correct before publicizing it, stop changing the info. to captivate the public view. Read the Bible or buy the book and see for yourself.

Hummer/BMW owners refer to the Hummer/BMW manual, perform the required maintenance and yield to the instructons of the manufacturer for required service to operate it at optimum level. Man, on the other hand, with such arrogance and stiff necked stubborness, refuse to refer to the 'manufacturer's manual' to operate at optimum level. Pastor Brown simply directs us to Creator God's words on this matter. People would do well to esteem God's word above their own, & often flawed opinions.

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