FULL STORY: Identity Theft Ruins Man's Employment Chances


POSTED: Tuesday, December 28, 2010 - 6:39pm

UPDATED: Thursday, January 6, 2011 - 11:50am

A man in Virginia Beach says his identity was stolen in El Paso, and now his failed background checks have prevented him from getting a job.

John Shelby had a arrest on his record in El Paso; it was a trespassing charge that he says was dropped before it went to court. But because his name and mug shot were in the system, a suspect could easily steal his identity by using his name upon arrest. And that's exactly what he says happened.

"He didn't have anything but my name when he was arrested," Shelby said. He says a man named Jason Newton used his name when Newton was arrested.

"It kind of caused an identity crises for myself a little bit," Shelby said. Years after his criminal charge in El Paso was dropped, he applied for a job, but was turned down.

"They said at that time I was in El Paso County Jail according to their background check," he said. After some calls, Shelby thought it was taken care of.

"The officer sent me a letter and it said I had no record on file and it was all taken care of," he said.

Shelby tried to move on, but every time he applied for a job, he was always passed up. Frustrated, Shelby turned to the El Paso records department. But they told him to hire a lawyer if he wanted his name cleared.

"That I needed to take responsibility for my own life and stop blaming them for my misfortune," Shelby said.

"We need to have tight safeguards on this to make sure it doesn't ruin someone's life," said Shelby's attorney in Austin, Stephen Casey. Casey says several people are at fault for what's happened to his client. But how could this have happened? Newton and Shelby have different hair colors, eye colors, heights, and weights. Casey thinks someone just pulled up Shelby's prior arrest and didn't verify that Newton was telling the truth.

"Originally it was the people who put in the information for the arrest report of Jason Newton," Casey said. "They didn't verify the information."

Shelby's background checks still show those arrests and he says delivering pizzas is the only job he's been able to get.

"I gave up on school because I figure what's the point, I've never had a job I feel suitable for," Shelby said.

We're told Newton is serving a life sentence right now in the alleged beating of a man. Shelby has filed a lawsuit against the city of El Paso for identity theft. We called the city for comment and they said they couldn't comment because it was a police issue. We called police and they told us they could not comment, even on their procedures upon verifying someone's identity upon arrest, until they consulted with the city attorney's office.

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Thank goodness John and his family are finally getting the action that they deserve. I have had the pleasure of becoming friends with John since my fiance is suffering from criminal identity theft in GA, SC and Tn all because the police wanted a quick ticket. With credit fraud, it is a fix that the government will help you fix. But if it is criminal identity theft, there is no help, even though there are federal laws, no one in the world will help you. Good luck to John......

SOOOO glad this is getting some exposure. John is my husband and we desreve our lives back! Anyone who wants the full story go to my husbands personl website: www.goodnamegone.com Thank you for your support. CALL EPPD OR EMAIL THEM TO EXPRESS YOUR OPINIONS ON THIS MATTER!!!!! Help us put the pressure on.

In my opinion, unfortunately this man will need to get himself a lawyer and clean this error and sue the city of El Paso for their incompetence, maybe next time this departments will have more cautiousness when they enter persons names into the system without verifying first.

Already have a lawyer. Already suing. Tried to be civil and just ask for compensation for damages. But the El Paso City Council voted to deny claims, and that was after they ignored requests for over a year. The vote was 5-1-1. Have been trying to sue, but they are hiding behind "Sovereign Immunity". Now proceeding to sue in Federal Court. All the details of the case and the whole story of how it happened is at www.goodnamegone.com

Glad this story has been exposed in the local media. I've known John and his lovely family for several years. I've witnessed the damage and heartbreak he has experienced due to the lack of safeguards needed to protect his personal information. I've witnessed his honesty and integrity as he has tried to clear his name. El Paso needs to step up, admit their mistakes, and correct their errors...no matter what the cost!

Yeay for Hell Paso. The EPPD sux as I have stated before, I am glad I left that god forsaken town. While also they have corrupt school districts and representatives. No wonder the drug lords are moving in.

In about 7yrs this man will get his life back. I wonder how much this screw up from the EPPD will cost the city for numerous damages to this man.

All because one police officer didn't do their job right. I'm not bashing but it goes to show how important it is to follow procedures.

Its nothing small to be held down by ID theft. It could ruin your chances for a job or even get you in the whole with the IRS. So take note and learn.

Seven years? Nope. These are felony charges. And due to their mess up, Mr. Newtons felonies under his own name were attached to Mr. Shelby's record by ALIAS. Not to mention that Mr. Shelby was wanted for 1. Probation Violation and 2. Crimes that Mr. Newton never appeared for in court. Get the whole story at www.goodnamegone.com

I have to say that since Newton is in prison for beating a man, it is no longer alleged, just saying.

I find it amazing that this has happened. John is my brother and this interview only serves to scratch the surface on the injustice of his situation. The El Paso police department has been negligent in this case from the moment Newton was arrested. IF they had just printed the guy and ran his prints in the system, it could have all been avoided.

Actually the charge was for "Capitol Murder". Although, according to sources the guy actually didn't die.

PD does it again

To get the whole story......www.goodnamegone.com

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