FULL STORY: Governor Perry Calls Juarez Most Dangerous City in America


POSTED: Tuesday, March 1, 2011 - 6:21pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 8, 2014 - 11:32am

EL PASO - Give anyone in Texas a map, and they'll show you where El Paso and Juarez are. Tonight, we're not sure that includes Governor Rick Perry.

For the second time, he's confused the two cities, even calling Juarez the most dangerous city in America.

"I think it's projecting a very negative image, I think he's misleading a lot of people who aren't familiar with El Paso," said Roni Cordova.

And it's not the first time. Back in August the governor misspoke, once again while addressing the issue of border security. He claimed there were car bombs going off in El Paso, referring to one that had recently exploded in Juarez.

"It's a very dangerous situation and its not good for El Paso," said Jaime Gonzalez.

"Anyone who brings attention to the fact that Juarez is one of the most dangerous cities in the world obviously casts a shadow on us," said the president of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau, Bill Blaziek. He is the man behind the image and says comments like these don't help his already exhausting efforts in attracting tourists, conventions and more.

"Whether they're thinking about transferring a company here, while we're recruiting medical personnel and educational personnel," Blaziek said.

We called the governor's office; they say "he misspoke and immediately corrected himself." They also said the message people should take from the governor's comments is "there is a real situation along the Texas-Mexico border. The federal government needs to pay attention and immediately deploy resources to adequately secure it."

But some people want the governor to pay more attention to his own words.

"If he makes the comment and does something about, then that's even better," Gonzalez added.

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For all of you who are saying "Governor Perry" is "technically" right in calling Juarez a part of America, let me just say, your dumb. We all know that he meant part of the U.S. and lets say he didn't mean part of the United States, why then is it that after an aide of Perry pointed out his mistake, he clarified himself? Anyone can make a mistake but when you start to defend it by saying stupid things like ,"well, technically, blah blah blah..." it makes YOU look dumb, incredibly dumb.

Sure it's not Juarez, but that's what happens when you live across from the deadliest city in the world. After all I hear the newscasters always calling Juarez our sister city, well we did until all this started now they just want to distance themselves from the problem. What happened to calling them our sister city to the south?

What is with all of you saying that Juarez is in America? Are you really that dumb? When people say America they are speaking about the United States,not North America, not South America, just friggin' America. We are also talking about a governor of Texas who knows damn well where Juarez is, not a gaffe, completely on purpose, and all of you lemmings are defending him, pathetic.

(Thumbs up)

Then Governor is right. Juarez is the most dangerous city in the American continent (thus, America). However, I do believe he needs to promote and explain that El paso has been able to keep its crime rate low considering our proximity to Juarez. How's this for a slogan: "Visit El Paso. We are not Juarez."

Typical El Paso stupidity. The real point is, the Governor is concerned about the violence in Juarez spilling over into El Paso. Wake up, help him to thelp us. Morons.

Lets consider for a moment El Paso's reputation.
We are known as the fattest, ugliest, sweatiest,
and probably dumbest city in the U.S.A. Recently we read about our police officer(s) stealing funds at a wedding reception and sexually assaulting our women. Our "politicians" and "community leaders" are arrested and indicted for various offenses against our public trust. I could go on. So, what me worry about Gov. Perry's most recent gaffe?

Fellow Texans,
United States of America is not the only country in America. Just in North America alone there are 23 countries along with dozens of territories. So for the Govenor to say "most dangerous city in America" does not mean the USA only. We should not be so conceited and think he is referring to us.

What are you talking about? You're completely insane......

This type of rhetoric can justify passing an immigration law similiar to Arizona's. If Gov. Perry and Gov. Brewer keep repeating the lie the masses will begin to believe it. Mexican immigrants and Americans of Mexican descent are not the enemy. Keep a clear head on this my fellow Texans. There is too much hate and too many distractions controlling our conscious and sub-conscious thoughts. A three term Gov doesn't know the difference between El Paso and Juarez, please!

Anyone who says that El Paso is an extension of Juarez would probably also say a bull's penis is an extension of their mouth...is it?

People from Juarez help people from El Paso, by going every weekend and spend money on your shopping stores; by the way YOU,Americans have a big responsability for what is happening in Mexico. The main business in the country is to produce drugs, and why?don't you think we are all drug dealers, HELL no,we cannot trust any authoriy because they are link whit the organized crime. Wars between cartels is all because YOU, lazy and addicts, you are the main consumer.Your actions are killing mexicans.

you mean people like Mayor Cook who constantly refers to Juarez as our sister city or the Governor who doesn't seem to know the difference either. Are do you mean more than half of this sycophantic population who acts as if there is no difference.

I love watching channel 9 news but this time you blew it. Gov. Rick Perry did not say, "Juarez is the most dangerous city in the United States." He said Juarez is the most dangerous city in America. Juarez is part of America. This is one big continent remember, North America, and South America.

North America and South America are TWO separate continents and no one who is educated refers to the North American continent as just America. El Paso is going to be known as the dumbest city in America (or the US for those of you who think America refers to the continent)if you people don't start using your brains and learn something.

Rick Perry knows there is no difference between Juarez and El Paso. This a Texas border town that has become a good place for cartel money to shop and eat with nice big homes to hide in and great private schools. No taxes and no questions asked. It has become an embarrassment and a blight on "America" We are not yet being gunned down in broad daylight but we all know El Paso runs in large part on a Narco -Economy and we are all too willing to role out the welcome mat. Welcome to Juarez.

I live in El Paso and have spent much time in Juarez. I have performed concerts there, I have partied there, and I have spent time in restaurants watching the horse races. The people are amazing and the culture bleeds (literally) from one side to the other. I love Juarez and feel it is, in a way, part of America. You cannot live here and have the attitude "out of site, out of mind". LIve on the border before you make your judgements from so far away. I moved here from Minnesota....

Technically "America" can refer to North, Central and South America, so he is correct. Not only that, you can't really sugar coat what is happening in Juarez. There is a lot of violence and death in Juarez, overlooking that in order to sweet talk people into moving to El Paso actually seems wrong. Although, it would be nice for Perry to highlight the safety of El Paso despite its vicinity to Juarez too.

Most everyone is wrong by critisizing the governor. Our country is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Canada is also in America and so is Mexico. The governor is correct. Mexicans call everyone from the U.S.A. north Americans.
We are North Americans.
Mexicans and Canadians are also Americans. We are just the United States OF America.
If the Governor said Juarez was in the United States he would be wrong. He said America which is correct.

FYI... The writer of this article is the one who needs a Geography lesson. The last time I looked at a map I could not find a country named America. However I found the Continent North and South America, and in my map Mexico and Camada and other countries were AMERICA...!! Don't be so Egocentric people.

Last that I checked, Mexico is still in the Americas. He didn't say that it was the most dangerous city in the United States.

idiot. how this guy got re-elected is just wrong. whoever voted for him should be ashamed of themselves.

It just an affirmation to the fact that East Texas politicians, and government officials forget that El Paso is Texas, West Texas to be exact.Yes our sister city is Juarez, in a different Country,Mexico.However, the ties to this Frontera are deep and long, and whether we like it or not, that's the way it is. Lets give Mr. Perry a break, maybe we need ta get him over and spend a Saturday discada afternoon with us, quien sabe.
We, America, are the drug problem, supply and demand.

Let's see now, we have the continent of North America and South America. Since Mexico is not in the continent of South America, it must be part of North America. I seem to remember that the United States of America is also in the continent of North America so is it possible that Juarez is the most dangerous in America and just maybe the Governor was right after all?

I can certainly sympathize with concerns of creating a bad image for our city of El Paso. The truth is however, this border town needs some attention as it is being affected by drug trade. This being said, even bad press is good press and there are some basic problems that are being swept under the rug. Take for example the increase in population and how it affects the infrastructure and availability to resources: roads, utilities, energy, education, bilingual education, hospitals, healthcare

Sister city, sanctuary city, gateway to Mexico, wanting to secede to New Mexico...... El Paso is getting what it's been asking for. Quit acting like the rich suburb of Juarez, and due respect will follow.

Gov Perry is correct - Juarez is the most dangerous city in America. America is a continent - not a county! Canadians are Americans as are Mexicans, Chileans, Brazilians, etc.


The guv was using the word "America" to mean the same thing as "North America". Give him a break, huh?!

Has anyone considered the fact that Gov. Perry is correct when he says that Juarez is the most dangerous city in America??? North America consists of three countries: Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

Jarez is in America. As is Ellesmere Island, Canada and Cape Horn, Chile.

To often you and others use America to refer to the United States of America.

I am not trying to defend the Governor's goof because as a public speaker he should have been more prepared, however as a former geography teacher I have to point out that the Governor was not technically wrong. Everyone who lives anywhere from Panama to Canada is an American, a N. American. We just happen to live in a country known as the United States OF America. Mexico is a country in N. America and currently Juarez is the most dangerous city in (North)America.
C. Gilmore

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