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FULL STORY: A Penny At A Time

Monday, February 14, 2011 - 6:50pm

EL PASO - They were raising money all for a good cause. But someone stole a portion of their earnings. Now students at Marian Manor Elementary say it won't stop them from reaching their goal and to them, it's worth millions.

Students at Marian Manor Elementary wanted to do something to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Holocaust after they came to the Holocaust Museum.

"Everyone's participating from kinder to sixth and putting pennies in," said sixth grader Santiago Reyes.

"Each penny represents a person's life that died," said sixth grader Nathalie Siera.

"They're great kids, they're eager to learn, when we finished working on the Holocaust unit they were sad, and they wanted to learn more and read more," said reading teacher Denise Moreno. She said the project is not only a way for the kids to learn, but also to bring them together.

"The kids started thinking, well what does millions look like? I don't know if they actually grasp the number," she said.

But last week, they had a setback.

"Someone broke into the school and we had a few bags of pennies on the desk, and they took the bags of pennies," Moreno said.

"At first I couldn't really believe it, and didn't know if anything like that has happened here at school," Reyes added.

"They're affecting our education, they weren't thinking very smart," said Siera.

But these kids say they'll see their project through - all the way to the bank.

"Now we're trying to get as much pennies as we can," Reyes said.

The students are still taking all kinds of donations at Marian Manor school or at the Holocaust Museum. The students plan to count them all up at the end of the school year.

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