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Ft. Bliss battles rains, runoff and flooding

Ft. Bliss battles rains, runoff and flooding
Ft. Bliss
Friday, September 13, 2013 - 10:53am

As rain and its runoff flowed through the Borderland, officials at Fort Bliss say the post came through soggy and muddy, but mostly unscathed.

On some roads serveral potholes formed, large enough to possibly damage vehicles. Housing areas on West Bliss were mostly clear, although Leo and Hiday were impassable and blocked due to a 3' hole in stone wall .

The O6 Housing, Pershing and Dudley were blocked, while-Ashburn between Howze St and Pleasonton Rd, Corregidor, Pershing between Howze and Short  were all classified as 'Areas to Watch'

At West Bliss Non-Housing Areas, an area of concern was ASP Road , while Hard ball roads are passable. Officials added that all secondary roads were identified as treacherous.

Over at the East Bliss Housing Areas both Rio Bravo and Aero Vista were deemed 'clear.'

Below are other areas the post officials submitted updates on:

East Bliss Non Housing Areas:
- Haan adjacent to Luke (Milam Elementary Area) - unblocked
- Luke and Haan ADJ Milam Elementary
- Southbound lane closed due to standing water; Defile created in
Northbound lanes and marked with cones.

Road Closures / Detours:
- Haan Bridge Closed from Luke St to Pleasonton Rd
- Cassidy Rd from Marshall Rd to Pleasonton Rd
- Luke and Haan ADJ Milam Elementary
- Southbound lane closed; Defile created and marked with cones.

Range Roads:
- Route Green
- Impassible
- Paved roads are passable, secondary roads are not recommended to be used.

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