Friend of Marco Alferez Speaks Out


POSTED: Friday, October 1, 2010 - 5:39pm

UPDATED: Friday, January 13, 2012 - 11:48am

This man has been friends with Marco Alferez for almost a decade.

They met in a social setting and both had a passion for dancing.

After finding out that his friend has been accused of taping himself having sex with children, he said he felt like he woke up in the middle of a nightmare.

"Being a good friend of his, it's just a total shock and I'm in disbelief. I'm actually also heartbroken that this is going on this way," the friend said.

He says no one would have ever thought that Alferez was doing any of this behind closed doors. He's even seen him work with children in the past.

"I've seen him actually give classes to kids, but I've never noticed him do anything inappropriate with them. No, he never did," the friend said.

As a close friend, he's seen Alferez live a normal social life. He knows past girlfriends and he says that Alferez always seemed normal and happy.

"A lot of his relationships, I've known them. And never has anyone mentioned something like this that he's ever done. So, no, it's just a big shock to me and to a lot of people that he knows," the friend said.

Now he wants to tell us a little bit about Alferez that the rest of the world will probably never hear.

"He has done a lot of good things for the community, for children's hospitals, homeless kids, and cancer patients," the friend said.

This man says that what Alferez did was wrong, but he hopes that as his friend he can help him to one day change.

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there are no words that can change or undo what this deviant pedophile has schemed to do and destroy for the sake of his own sick disgusting pleasures he will definitly get what he deserves in one way or another. 50 years is not enough punishment in exchange for all the innocent lives he's destroyed, his victims will carry this on for the rest of their lives, living with the nightmares of this pathetic excuse of a man day in and day out. He should have received life with no parole!

yeah he did all those "good" things for charities because he was probably looking for more victims. Seriously, why would this "friend" even mention the good he has done, that doesnt change the fact that he is a disgusting, dirty, pedophile. You that defend him obviously are too stupid to see the harm he has done. he has damaged kids lives as small as 4 years old! Seriously! I am disgusted!

I hope this guy never has kids!! Cause then he'll REALLY see what kind of guy his "friend" is!!!

If "Marco" is such a good friend and NORMAL guy why the heck is this ignorant fool hiding his face???

Why is it that ignorant people are the first to be put on the news???

imagin this being one of your friends some one you loved and trusted...he did wrong but honestly would you be so quick to turn on your freind its painful to belive we're not in deniel we're in pain...and as he will be judged so will all of you one day just remember that

This man is a true con, he was able to fool everyone around him, those who loved him and those he worked with, this is what these people do, they are coniving secretive and great actors this man was in it for his benefit and not those around him. People YOU'RE in DENIAL!

Child predators normally ingratiate themselves into a child's life and into the parents lives. Trust is a big factor in being able to perpetrate these abuses, of course, his friends claim to have no knowledge of his behavior, nobody would, until the truth is finally discovered.

As a parent, I was always suspicious of any adult that had an influence in my child's life, these days, trust no one.

he will get what he deserves in prison and then hell

I'm angry at all the people defending this guy. He's a pedophile! Everyone keeps saying he's done so much good for the community and all the kids he's helped. What about all his victims? These kids will have to deal with what he's done to them for the rest of their lives. Please stop defending this filthy man and start defending the people he's hurt.

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