Friday Cancellations

Friday Cancellations

POSTED: Friday, February 4, 2011 - 11:18am

UPDATED: Friday, February 4, 2011 - 12:17pm

EL PASO - The following will be closed on Friday:

  • Anthony ISD
  • Canutillo ISD
  • Ysleta ISD
  • Canutillo ISD
  • Gadsden ISD
  • Alamogordo ISD
  • Socorro ISD
  • El Paso ISD
  • San Elizario ISD
  • Las Cruces Public School
  • UTEP
  • EPCC
  • Clint ISD
  • NMSU
  • Tornillo ISD
  • St. Pius X
  • Loretto Academy
  • Just for You Day Care
  • Western Tech
  • Immanuel Christian School
  • Faith Christian Academy
  • Sunshine Christian School
  • Northeast Christian Academy
  • Radford School
  • Christian Joy Center Academy
  • Burnham Wood Charter Schools
  • St. Raphael's
  • Cornerstone Christian/Las Cruces
  • Cathedral High School
  • Montessori
  • Our Lady of Valley
  • Harmony Public Schools
  • Innovative Learning Academy
  • El Paso Academy ISD
  • Mt. Franklin Christian Academy
  • St. Matthew Catholic School
  • Region 19 Head Start
  • Grace Methodist Day School
  • Little Kings & Queens Day Care
  • Paso Del Norte
  • Int'l Business College

* Las Cruces City Offices
* Dona Ana County Offices
* Mesilla Town Administration
* Sunland Park operating only emergency services

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Will the courthouses be closed?

I need to know if they will be open or not like asap please!

evidently, we have all forgotten Katrina or Hatiti and any of the other places in the world that has had a major natural castrophes. at least we need to thank God that we are still in our homes, we have our health and food, and our families are intact and not scatter all across the country. yes, it is inconvenient. but i had relatives that survived Katrina and I am not complaining. New Orleans is a major city used to that type of weather; El Paso is not called the Sun City for nothing.

KUDOS to you "madmax" I agree with you! As I read the complaints here, I thought of how "spoiled" we can get or are already. I have done mission work in Nicaragua and Honduras where EVERYDAY people lose power or water service and some places simply don't have these services and yet they are grateful for what they DO have. My advice is to spend time listing what we DO have and stop wasting time complaining about the small inconveniences we are experiencing! Please!

Problems like this happened everywhere not only El Paso. A lot of states were affected by this winter storm. It wasn't because of the snow, it was because of freezing temperatures! I lived in Saint Louis and we were without power for two days! only 6 hours without electricity is an excellent response by our utility companies. We were not just left in the dark, there are two shelters people can go to.

i think the roaming outages should not occur at the time people are getting off work. yesterday there were lot of accidents due the traffic lights being off right at the time people were coming home from work. i think that was very stupid and insensitive. what good is to have all these closures if the parents arent able to make it home to their kiss God forbid due to a tragedy. Those outages should be hold off during the hours of 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.
what about homes with medic alert tags?

Guess what? You have a CHOICE or CHOICES!!! If you don't like it, then get the HE** OUT!!! Simple as that!

go where; dumbA@#$ turn on the weather channel most of the country is frozen

How about South America?

This is what happens when companies are allowed to monitor themselves. Instead of investing in infrastructure, they pocket the profits and live high on the hog and we customers be damned. After all, where else are we gonna go?

who in the city council is going to claim responsibility if someone who needs electrical power for life sustainability dies?

El Paso sucks, the homes build quality are junk unless you pad top dollar and oversee the construction yourself. Drafty windows, uninsulated walls and pipes. The electrical infrastructure, and city can't handle a little cold weather. In the past didn't anybody ever think it would get below freezing for a few days? Pipes are frozen, schools are down, the area has more demand for electricity now than in the heat of the summer when everybody's AC is on. Most heaters are gas so whats the deal?

davidfm...RUNNNNNNNN! Get out of this city quickly!!! and don't stop until you get to Alaska...then you will be in a place that is used to the cold and perhaps get better utility services. Oh, and next time you buy a your homework well...get it inspected well!!! and if it's a "junk" don't spend your money unwisely!! as you obviously did here! DUH!

umm ok then????GET out!!!as simple as that;) duhhh!!!!

El Paso has broken down thanks to the ineffective City Council. They have bankrupted our police department and we are now like a third-world country with out basic utilities during a tiny episode of snow. Our national and local politicians are not able to provide us with inexpensive gasoline and gas and electricity. They are too busy changing the moral structure of this country while ignoring basic safety.

Ignorant fool, you want to see a third world country, just go back over the bridge where you obviously came from.

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