Freshmen-Only High School Open


POSTED: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - 7:57pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - 10:11pm

High school can be a scary place, not only making the grades but also making new friends. One school in the Socorro Independent School District is trying to take the fright out of being a freshman.

"Well sometimes I would get nervous but then not really, its a nice experience," said Joselynne Guerrero. She just started high school at El Dorado Ninth Grade Academy. It's a school exclusively for freshmen.

"New people, new teachers, administration, everything," she said.

They have new computers, new interactive white boards, and a new building - all for just one grade.

"Freshmen tend to be overlooked. we focus on sophomores passing the TAKS test, we focus on juniors and seniors entering college," said principal Troy Byrne. He said the district needs this school because of population growth. They have eighty students new to the area this year.

"That's about a 10% growth in one year," he said. "That should signify how much growth we have."

But if you take out the upperclassmen., will the students miss out on the normal high school experience?

"Well of course you know i love hanging out with people my age, they're like me, they think like me, we're at the same level," Guerrero said.

Eastlake High School also just opened up in the same district. We asked how they had the money to afford two brand new schools and officials say the community projected a population boom and set aside tax revenue for the schools.

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