Free VIN etching to prevent car thefts

Free VIN etching to prevent car thefts
Saturday, July 27, 2013 - 5:12pm

El Paso is considered to be the safest city in the US however on average more than 1000 cars are stolen every year that's why the HEAT theft prevention organization prepared an event to give drivers tools and tips to prevent a harsh situation from happening.

Margarita Puga had her car stolen several years ago, she was one of the dozens of drivers who attended the heat theft prevention organization event, she says that after losing a car, prevention becomes a top priority.

"I was in shock I said where's my car? that happened because I didn't prevent it, it's important to secure your car, it's something that we need to be here to go to work or somewhere" Puga said.

The police department has been holding this program for many years, but says the number of thefts is still high.

"Last year we had 1163 vehicles we set up these programs regularly throughout the year it benefits in recovering your vehicle also your insurance company may give you a discount by having the vin edging"

The program consists of enrolling and getting a free VIN etching of the vehicle identification number.
This number would later be recognized by police in case of theft.

"it stops them from using the whole vehicle when they steal it, helps it to recover the vehicle easier also right now at this time we're at 392 and we are 40 percent under what we were last year"

Richard Suhr says that even though this type of program can really make a difference in solving cases... People still need to be vigilant.

"You can never be too safe especially because now days you don't know you may go to sleep and you may wake up and your car your truck might not be there" Suhr said.

While there's still not a 100 percent way of securing your car, you can take measures to reduce your risks, El Paso police officer are also being dispatched to the international bridges to make sure no stolen cars cross the border.
For more information on how you can enroll in the program you can call 915-298-9600.

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